Yarn Along {The Lazy Couponer}

Not that I’m going for a standing ovation at the cash register like Jamie Chase, author of The Lazy Couponer, did but I could use a few pointers in that overwhelming world of coupons! Nor do I expect to save over $25,000 per year in just 45 minutes a week but the title sure captured my attention and I thought, by reading the book, I just might learn a few things to help with our ever increasing grocery bill.20120404-105650.jpg

I’ve made it through the third chapter and have learned where to find coupons, how to use them and where to get the most bang for my buck. I must confess that I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now. In fact, I probably shouldn’t start implementing any of her tips until I finish the book. That being said, I couldn’t resist a shopping excursion to Gymboree to find several purple outfits for my new granddaughter. And, I felt quite pleased with myself when I received a $25 Gymbucks coupon for my next shopping excursion!

20120404-105758.jpgAlso pictured in the Yarn Along photograph is Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters. I had it out last night reading about the Riverbed Sock Architecture. The arch expansion runs beneath the sole. I’ve been told by a friend that this is her favorite of all the architectures in the book and I’m ready to give it a try. Ms. Bordhi says that this sock fits many people ‘exceptionally well, perhaps because it hugs the contours of the foot so naturally, reaching up towards the instep from the hollows of the under-arch.’ Having any of you ever knit this sock?

20120404-105907.jpgMy Thursday knitting group is focusing on finishing WIPS (works in progress) throughout the month of April. I’m working on the sweet little Smocked Yoke Cardigan for my granddaughter in some lovely Sublime cashmere. I selected the size that I think will fit her in the Fall.

Joining Ginny this morning in a Yarn Along to talk about books and knitting…………

Yarn Along {The Life of Pi}

Two hobbies that bring joy, knitting and reading – combining those together this morning as I follow Ginny this morning on a Yarn Along.

I am still reading A Tale of Two Cities and enjoying the diverse personalities of Dickens’ characters, he is quite clever in that way.

Life is such that there are lots of great books that I just cannot find the time to read so I ‘listen’ as well.  Husband I listened to Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly and learned much about Lincoln’s assassination.  It was a fascinating story and there were many details talked about that were unknown to me.

I just started  listening to The Life of Pi by Yan Martel.

So far I have learned that zoos are not necessarily bad places for animals, in fact life in a zoo may be better than living in the wild.  You know, regular food schedules.  No predators.  And, I have learned that ‘Pi’ is short for a very long and complicated name that no one ever gets right so lets shorten it to ‘PI – Pie – 3.14’.  This book is very different from the books I typically read but I think I will like it.

The Cross He Bore

To prepare for Easter , I have been reading a little book that is a treasure trove of meditations called The Cross He Bore by Frederick S. Leahy.  These meditations are on the sufferings of the Redeemer, beginning with Gethsemane and ending in the outer darkness.There are many great devotionals out there but as of now, this one is the best I’ve ever read.  If you need to gaze in fresh understanding and gratitude upon ‘the Son of God,’ then this just might be for you.

Smocked Sweater

On the knitting front, I’m working on a sweet little sweater for my granddaughter.  We will be meeting her for the first time in a couple weeks.  Very excited!

Yarn Along

When I first read about YARN ALONG on Ginny’s blog I knew it would be right up my alley. I enjoy reading books and I am also always on the look out for another great read! How could I resist combining the two things I love most, books and knitting, and sharing them with a community of like-minded folks.


And just as I always have more than one project on the needles, I also have my nose in more than one book at a time!

I am most thoroughly enjoying A Duty to the Dead by Charles Todd. The heroine is Bess Crawford, a nurse in World War One whose hospital ship gets torpedoed and sinks. Bess survives with a broken arm and goes back to Great Britain to heal. She made a promise to a dying soldier to convey a message to his family and when she does so gets sucked into a mystery with deathly consequences. Bess isn’t the only one sucked into this mystery!

The piece of knitting sitting atopDuty to the Dead is a Farmer’s Market Bag.  This smocked knitting design is a pattern by Chrissy Gardiner.  When finished this bag will be one of my daughter’s birthday gifts. She has been asking for a bag for quite some time but it just didn’t seem like an appealing knit to me. Chrissy’s pattern has proved my supposition wrong because I just may need to knit a second bag for me.

The other book that I’m reading, or to be more accurate ‘listening’ to, is A Red Herring Without Mustard written by Alan Bradley. This is the third in line of the Flavia De Luce series.  The first was called The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie and the second The Weed that Strings the Hangman’s Bag.  These titles alone make me want to read the books although I must admit, I’m usually almost finished with the book before I can remember what the title is….such tongue twisters!

In this third Flavia de Luce book, Alan Bradley once again scores big with another wildly entertaining tale of 11-year-old Flavia, a girl-sleuth.  Mr. Bradley’s books have me sniggering out loud and hoping there will be a yet another sequel.  In Red Herring Without Mustard Flavia sets out to solve the near-murder of an old gypsy woman taking refuge on the family’s estate only to stumble upon another crime.  Like the first and second book in the series, I eagerly knit through ‘just-one-more-chapter’ to find out what happens next.  There were plot twists, unexpected details and amusing characters that kept my fingers busy knitting and before I knew it I had a stack of QUYNN hats!

So how about you?  Read any good books lately along with your knitting?  If you have, come along on the YARN ALONG!