Pantry Makeover – Part 1

The first organizational project for the summer is underway, my walk-in pantry. I have been putting this off for some time but after cringing inwardly recently when a visitor stepped into it to fetch something I decided it was going to top the summer project list.  20120607-140819.jpg

To give myself some motivation, I went to Williams and Sonoma and picked out a new kitchen apron, and a matching potholder and oven mitt. Orange is my new favorite color so my eye was drawn to this fun set. Then I had a paint shade mixed to co-ordinate with the set called Mango Mania.20120607-140930.jpg

Back at home the pantry was completely emptied, something I don’t think has been done in several years. I discovered several things that had gone AWOL and decided I definitely needed to come up with a better organizational plan! I also realized I had some wall space that could be better utilized but more about that in a subsequent post, today it is all about PAINTING!

20120607-141203.jpgI am thinking of ice cream creamsicles and wishing I had one. You know, orange on the outside and a delicious creamy white center.  I haven’t had one of those in years!   Or, maybe looking at Kenzie (who is hanging close) is making me think of them..  How do you like her new  orange ‘Mania’ highlights?


After four coats of Mango Mania I am ready to tackle the ceilings, shelves and trim. They will be painted in a semi-gloss white.   Tomorrow will be all about ORGANIZATION.