Yarn Along on a Very Busy Day

Joining Ginny and her peeps this morning on a Yarn Along because, well, I love knitting and I love talking about books and this YarnAlong is the venue for both of those things!


I’m re-reading the Hobbit by J.R.Tolkien at the moment.  His style of writing is delightful and I am totally immersed in his world. So much so, that I have a sock knit along starting next Sunday to knit a sock I’ve designed just for the sheer pleasure of keeping The Hobbit momentum going a little longer in my life.  If you are interested in participating all the details can be found here.


As far as knitting goes?  I am very busy in the design room.  In fact, it may have taken over my life so I need to pace myself.  I am finishing the mate to the short Cláirseach sock, I am working on Clue 1 for the All Who Wander are Not Lost Knitalong and I am ironing out details on a cowl design.  Busy, busy but immersed in two worlds I love – knitting and reading.

If you want to see what everyone else is reading then follow the YarnAlong link.  You just may discover a new book waiting for you to read or something clever to knit!

Yarn Along

~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs.  I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it either on your blog or on Flickr. Leave a link on the Small Things site to share your photo with the rest of us! ~


When a friend of mine heard that I had the daunting task of writing a report on the history of knitting for the Master Knitter Level Two course she revealed she had in her possession a much sought after treasure.  She had procured a rare copy of Richard Rutt’s book, A History of Hand Knitting, at a library book sale and she has entrusted this treasure with me for a while.


The subject at hand is beyond immense in my mind and I hardly know where to begin.  I suppose I should begin with the earliest source document in 1615 which describe the stockings made for Queen Elizabeth by a Mrs. Montague.  They are believed to have been the first worsted stockings and silk stockings made in England.  I’m pretty sure knitting existed before this time though because I saw some Egyptian slippers in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  I guess that is why research will play an important role in this paper I am to write and research starts by reading books, right?

This story about Queen Elizabeth was so interesting that perhaps you might be interested in the published account by Edmund Howe in 1615 that I read in The History of Knitting.

“In the second year of Queen Elizabeth, 1560, her silk woman, Mistress Montague, presented Her Majesty with a pair of black knit silk stockings for a new year’s gift; the which, after a few days of wearing, pleased Her Highness so well that she sent for Mistress Montague and asked her where she had them, and if she could help her to any more; who answered, saying:

‘I made them very carefully of purpose only for Your Majesty; and seeing these please you so well, I will presently get more in hand.’

‘Do so,’ quoth the Queen, ;for indeed I like silk stockings so well, because they are so pleasant, fine and delicate, that henceforth I will wear no more cloth stockings.’

And from that time unto her death the Queen never wore any more cloth hose, only silk stockings.


Yarn Along {The Lazy Couponer}

Not that I’m going for a standing ovation at the cash register like Jamie Chase, author of The Lazy Couponer, did but I could use a few pointers in that overwhelming world of coupons! Nor do I expect to save over $25,000 per year in just 45 minutes a week but the title sure captured my attention and I thought, by reading the book, I just might learn a few things to help with our ever increasing grocery bill.20120404-105650.jpg

I’ve made it through the third chapter and have learned where to find coupons, how to use them and where to get the most bang for my buck. I must confess that I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now. In fact, I probably shouldn’t start implementing any of her tips until I finish the book. That being said, I couldn’t resist a shopping excursion to Gymboree to find several purple outfits for my new granddaughter. And, I felt quite pleased with myself when I received a $25 Gymbucks coupon for my next shopping excursion!

20120404-105758.jpgAlso pictured in the Yarn Along photograph is Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters. I had it out last night reading about the Riverbed Sock Architecture. The arch expansion runs beneath the sole. I’ve been told by a friend that this is her favorite of all the architectures in the book and I’m ready to give it a try. Ms. Bordhi says that this sock fits many people ‘exceptionally well, perhaps because it hugs the contours of the foot so naturally, reaching up towards the instep from the hollows of the under-arch.’ Having any of you ever knit this sock?

20120404-105907.jpgMy Thursday knitting group is focusing on finishing WIPS (works in progress) throughout the month of April. I’m working on the sweet little Smocked Yoke Cardigan for my granddaughter in some lovely Sublime cashmere. I selected the size that I think will fit her in the Fall.

Joining Ginny this morning in a Yarn Along to talk about books and knitting…………