Quilting on a Cold Monday

in snippets of time here and there.  The wee lass was spayed on Friday and she has been a needy girl.  She whines whenever I leave her sight and likes me to sit right beside her.  When she dozes off I manage to get a strip sewn for Allison’s happy quilt but the pooch is quick to figure out I have left her side and the whining starts again.

We think the pain medication she is on is making her a little on the emotional side.  I hope that is the case and not the fact that she is missing some ovaries.  I would hate for her sweet personality to change.

The colors in the quilt are brighter than I thought they would be.  I’m hoping that when I add the white sashing between the rows it will be toned down some.  Happy colors for a happy daughter who loves children and is surrounded by them every day as she nurses them back to health.

I am enjoying working on this bright and cheerful quilt.  The rows are pieced together and tomorrow I hope to cut the sashes and insert them between the rows if a certain Westie will co-operate.  I won’t be giving her anything for pain tomorrow so hopefully she will feel back to normal again.  Hopefully.

The UPS man is delivering some fabric for the binding and  batting tomorrow.  I would really like to have the whole quilt top ready to be made into a quilt sandwich by the end of the week so I can start hand quilting.  Christmas is quickly approaching and did I mention how cold it is outside?

A Snowy Day

The first snowfall of the year is always exciting and this morning, when we woke up to several inches, it proved no different. The snow has been falling softly for several hours now and is simply beautiful. This was Kenzie’s first encounter with snow and she was quite taken with it.


Kenzie wants to go out and play but I am quite content to stay in my new flannel pajamas with newly finished socks on my feet.

Of course, I have an early birthday present that has totally captivated me. I’m Stumbling and Flip Boarding (my favorite apps) through cyberspace. And, I am adding your blogs to my Flip Board so I can do a better job reading about your life.


A snowy day is also a great time to pull out the knitting needles and watch the best football team in the SEC, my alma mater!

Pretty in Pink

Someone is a teensy bit hormonal.

Someone is a little clingy and a little moody.

Someone went into heat at 6.5 months and surprised the Mumster who had intended on having her fixed this month.

Someone is pretty in pink.

The Mum is ready to stop changing diapers.

The Crags Trail

The husband and I took The Wee Lass on a 5.5 mile hike to The Crags, a simple hike with great rewards.  This easy-moderate hike has been a favorite of ours for many years and we knew little Kenzie, with her Scottish roots, would enjoy scrambling on the rocks – and she did.  We were not disappointed and neither was she.

We hiked through the Four Mile Creek valley with its lush meadows, rocky spires, aspen and pine forests. We ended up atop a rocky outcrop with gnarled old limber pines and great views.


And now my friends,  to you I present Kenzie, the West Highland Terrier who likes to climb rocks…….

If Kenzie had to choose between following the trail with us or climbing a rock alongside the trail, I can assure you – the rock won every time.  We took the low road and she inevitably took the high road  rock.  It was a ‘rock scrambling’ kind of day in the Rocky Mountains for four-footed white doggies.  And the rest of us?  Well, lets just say we had a few good chuckles watching her.

A perfect day enjoying God’s majestic mountains!

What a Day, what a day….Westie Wednesday

What a day I’m having! When my husband opened the door to the garage this morning he discovered trash all over the garage and the garage door open. Someone (me) had forgot to put the door down when she pulled into the garage last night. How did we know it was a bear? Our huge, industrial strength trash can had been dragged out onto the driveway and emptied with great big claw punctures in the lid. I was grateful that the bear had stopped in the garage and not nudged the house door with its nose!

Today is Westie Wednesday and I have Westie adventures to tell you about and cute, sweet adorable puppy pictures to show you.

Kenzie is three and a half months old and is full of spunk and adventure!  She has enriched our lives for the better but has put a serious dent in my knitting production.  All the RED projects I had planned to knit in May for Project Spectrum are unfinished and a new GREEN month has begun.  Kenzie keeps me very busy.

These sweet eyes are not imploring me to sit down and cuddle.  No they are not.  These are the eyes of a very inquisitive doggie who is waiting for me to get distracted with something so that she can go get into mischief.  Mischievous, that is what she is.  And, spunky.

Only moments ago, when I was distracted in the storage room looking for a cookbook, she ran out of the area at top speed which almost always indicates that there is something in her mouth that shouldn’t be there.  When I went to investigate she picked up more speed and went into ‘white tornado’ mode.  I ended up chasing her all over the house until she accidentally dropped her treasure and I threw a book on it.  What did she have in her mouth you ask?  Well, I caught a glimpse of a tail and I had my suspicions.  Kenzie had found a flat, dehydrated field mouse in the storage room.  When I told my husband about it he only chuckled and reminded me that I had wanted a Westie because they are known to be great rodent catchers.

Getting myself put together every morning can sometimes be a chore if Kenzie is in the bathroom.  I’ve put together a picture collage to give you an idea of what it is like to be in the same room with her, if only for ten minutes.

Checking out the shower after I got out.

Dragging the towels and rugs across the floor while I was in the shower.

Checking out the drawer that has the hair dryer in it.

Are those razors in the bathtub?

Getting Acquainted

What a busy week I have had getting acquainted with Kenzie and she with us!  She is full of personality and is a feisty little thing!  She’s had many adventures and is not the least bit intimidated, more about that in a minute.

Several of you have asked which of the three puppies we ended up with.  The one we chose was Puppy #2, the one with her tongue sticking out of her mouth.  We have discovered that she often does this when she is sleeping or sleepy and it is just too sweet……

I welcome these naps!  They usually come after one of her ‘wild’ moments of tearing through the house like a mad animal.  Case in point, last night I was sitting on the floor knitting when she grabbed my sock project bag and tore across the room with it and up the stairs unwinding the ball within and dragging both sock and needles through the house.  She knew I would chase her.  It’s hard not to laugh when this happens.

She also likes to tunnel under things and I know this stems from her Scottish heritage of chasing rodents and other critters down their holes.  I believe there is a Westie agility competition for this tunneling capability.  She has a way of flattening her body out and pulling along her belly.  It is really cute.

She likes sitting with me in my knitting/reading chair.

She chews on everything and loves Bear, Chip and Gator the most.  She also loves to nibble on fingers which isn’t too great.  We are trying to break her of that habit.

Her curiosity is insatiable.  She has climbed into the dishwasher in an attempt to lick the dinner plates.  She has climbed into my turnaround cabinet and snatched a tea bag to chew on.  She has climbed up on a pile of towels and leaped into the bathtub I was soaking in.  Believe it or not, that last adventure was her favorite and I now have to ‘sneak’ into the bathroom to take a bath!

Kenzie loves the outdoors and all the mountain critters she is meeting.  She watches the birds every morning at the feeder.  We walk the perimeter of the house unleashed several times a day as she does her potty business but she is getting braver in her explorations…..the leash will be coming shortly.  She chased a squirrel yesterday and sent me running madly after her like a fool.  We did manage to walk a mile around our circle today and she kept up quite well.  In fact, she probably has more stamina than I do.

I think I can say that she has all the characteristics of a terrier – feisty little bugger! There is a lot of personality packed into her sturdy little frame.  I’m just waiting for that day when she becomes chief mouse catcher in our mountain home….I know it is coming!

Westie Homecoming

I was going to wait until Wednesday, Westie Wednesday, to post about our new pup but I am wildly smitten and can’t wait to tell you all about her!  What a little personality she has.  The minute she lavished my face with kisses I knew she was mine!

I was truly smitten when I put her sweater on and she didn’t seem to mind.  She will be wearing lots of these so I thought I would initiate her immediately to the whole ‘sweater’ concept.  It is snowing right now and it is keeping her nice and warm.

Kenzie loves all her new toys, especially her Kong puppy balls.  She has quickly learned to fetch them and bring them back to me, most likely because of my ridiculously enthusiastic applause.  Her energy level is through the roof but she balances all that energy out by taking short naps.

She likes to chase her tail and it inevitable ends with a somersault which amuses me to no end.

Kenzie is extremely (EXTREMELY) curious about everything in her new environment.  She watches my every move and won’t let me out of her sight.  When I started taking pictures of her she came right up to the camera to give it a good sniff.

Her breeder has worked hard to get the very dark Westie nose and the classic grey-tipped ears.  We didn’t realize that she was coming from Nebraska until all the paperwork started arriving in the mail.  No wonder she is tuckered out!  She has had a lot of excitement in the past two days.

And I know she is going to find that mouse!  She seems especially drawn to this cabinet and keeps sniffing……..


Westie nesting?  Nah.

A friend on Ravelry asked me if I had already knit my future Westie pup a sweater.  Yes, I have knit her a sweater but I don’t think I’m nesting.

Her collar has arrived, her name has been selected (thank you for your help!) and her tag made but that doesn’t mean I’m  nesting.

After guessing at a sweater size and knitting that size, I’ve surmised that this will not fit her until she is full grown.  The breeder says that Kenzie has never experienced a temperature cooler than 72 degrees and she may shiver.  We keep our house fairly cool so I guess I better knit her another sweater in a smaller size but, that doesn’t mean I’m nesting.

I may have bought a deck of Westie playing cards…..

and a Westie fingernail file……..but that doesn’t mean I’m nesting.

My daughter and her friend have told me that I am nesting.  I don’t think so.  But I really, really want to knit this dog blanket for Kenzie’s homecoming for after all, it has little Westies on it!

How can I resist knitting such an adorable blanket?

I think I am nesting.