UFO Thursday when I’m Pressed for Time

This past week has flown by and UFO Thursday has rolled around upon me again.  I think a good movie is on the agenda this afternoon to help me get over the hump of not wanting to work on some of these lingering projects.  I have too many to pick from!


Which of these projects would you tackle first if you were in my shoes with knitting needles in hand?


1.  The Lyrics Scarf?


2.  The Poetry scarf?


3.  The Tartan Tweed fingerless mitts?


4.  The Wallflower Socks?


5.  The Sheep Carousel Tea Cosy?  -or-


6.  Sew up some of these squares for the Kaffe Fassett afghan?

And just as promised last week, my completed Autumn Pueblo Stole has now been crossed off the UFO list.  Yay!


UFO Thursday on a Friday?

I am in a group on Ravelry dedicated exclusively to getting those pesky UFOs off our backs.  I have picked one day a week (mine is Thursday) to dedicate to working on those projects I have let fall by the wayside.  I like the fact that, in this particular group, it doesn’t have to be a long-abandoned project to qualify as a UFO, just something I haven’t worked on in a while – something that is nagging me.  If I know ahead of time that I have one day set aside for tackling this then eventually, if I work on it each week, it will get done.


I’ve had to move my day to Friday this week – that’s better than skipping it completely, right?


Today my goal is simple.  I just need to knit a couple rows on this Pueblo Stole and graft the two sections together.  I’ve been putting this off because I wanted to research grafting techniques that show how to graft when you have both knit AND purl stitches. And the other reason was that I ran out of yarn but fortunately a friend came to my rescue with exact shade in her stash. I think I’m ready and I will not draw my day to an end until this grafting has been completed!

You can expect me to report back here next Thursday, not Friday, with a beautiful Pueblo Stole wrapped around my neck!

Trimming Fringe on UFO Thursday

When I posted about the Autumn Pueblo Stole last week someone asked it this was the same Pueblo stole I started last spring.  The one I started last spring was the High Country Pueblo Stole and, sadly, it was cast aside as I pursued other projects.  I am trying to overcome this very bad habit I have – the wanderlust eye – so today I have pulled out High Country and will knit it simultaneously with the Autumn stole. I am enthralled with both and am finding them both delightful to work on.


There will be a twofold purpose in knitting both at the same time the first being obvious, I will have a finished stole the same time that I finish my cousin’s Pueblo.  We are both torn between the color ways and when both Pueblos are done I will be able to present her with a tangible choice.  Both are unique in their fetching colors and I would be hard pressed to choose between the two. I will let my cousin have the final say and regardless of the one she chooses know that the other will be fetching around my shoulders.

It may take a little bit longer to knit both stoles at the same time but this way I will be able to present them together and sometime this spring my cousin will both ‘feel’ and ‘see’ both when they are mailed down to the Texas hill country. Knitters are a tactile bunch of people and we often beam in delight when some scrumptious yarn is run through our fingers and deemed worthy to knit with.  The Sunday Knits yarn used in these stoles is that kind of yarn and is simply scrumptious.


I will spend the morning trimming fringe and tying knots and then I will have to proceed into uncharted territory.  Up until now the pattern has been fairly clear because there have been charts and written directions but I am now at the point where I am instructed to continue on with the ribbing making the increases and decreases just as before.  Even working two stoles at a time has not been adequate time for me to get this pattern under my belt so now my brain is going to have to work a little harder!


Which of these Pueblo stoles do you like best?  Is one more appealing to your color senses than the other?  What UFO project are you working on or having problems pulling out of time out?

UFO Thursday – Dubliner

Today is UFO Thursday and although Dubliner is not technically an UFO I am still going to dedicate all of today trying to finish it up. The Loopy Ewe First Quarter Challenge for 2013 was to knit something with cables in it and I chose Dubliner. This design by Meghan Jackson is a reversible shawlette. I probably don’t need to tell you where I plan to wear it, do I. When it is finished I will have my two hand knit things to wear in Ireland. Next month I will focus on knitting something to wear while visiting England. At any rate, I must finish Dubliner by Sunday which marks the last day of the challenge

The day is glorious here in the mountains and at fifty-three degrees I am able to sit out on the deck and enjoy the sun albeit short lived as a cold front is moving in on Monday. I have downloaded An Irish Country Doctor by Patrick Taylor which seems to be a timely choice. The dogs are content, one having found a forgotten bone ‘buried’ earlier this year under my seat cushion and the other simply enjoying being outside.

Still no box from the TKGA review committee but that is alright since I need no diversions today. Tomorrow I will return to the ‘Seven Things’ project sweater and talk about decreases.

Happy Knitting, friends!

November the First

…..and I have a plan, a plan to finish five UFO’s before January the First.  Entering the New Year without these projects haunting me from knitting baskets, project bags and yarn cupboards is so compelling that I think it will happen but I.must.stick.to.the.plan.

Despite the fact that I have far too many projects on the needles which gives the appearance of an undisciplined knitter, I’m actually pretty structured in my daily knitting regime.  A typical day for me would be working on three projects a day – one in the morning, one in the afternoon and another at night.  If I’m out and about I give up that knitting slot.  If I’m home I sneak knitting in here and there as I’m going about the things that must get done at home.  The morning knitting project is a UFO, the afternoon project is knitting project to be gifted and the evening knitting is all about me.  Sounds crazy but it works for this ex-computer-programmer-turned-gadget-girl!

And Thursdays?  Well, I think I will just have to bring back UFO Thursdays and dedicate it solely to that purpose, working on those five UFOs that must be finished by January the First.  Maybe I should call it January the First Thursdays and bring out two movies on Thursdays.  Now, by now you are most likely shaking your head saying, ‘She is one odd cookie’ and I assure you, you won’t be the first who has thought that!

Today I am working on Jared Flood’s exquisite Girasole.  It was supposed to have been my massive Camp Loopy Summer project but my eyes were way too big for my ability.  I’m on the final chart before the starting the edging.  Each row is now taking well over an hour to complete having 640 stitches in each row.

The yarn is Cascade Eco Alpaca which is very, very soft.  This will be a splendid afghan to keep me warm when the snow starts falling with regularity in December.  And, I appreciate this yarn all the more now that I’m spinning alpaca with my drop spindle.  It is far softer than the Corriedale I’m spinning on another.

And speaking of spindling, I am really enjoying it now that my hands have caught on to what they are to do when.  It was really awkward initially but now I find it quite relaxing.  I haven’t ventured beyond ‘park and draft’ and I have a few questions about how to proceed.  Maybe I will ask those here and some lone spindler will see them and help me out.

So what about you?  Do you have UFOs haunting you?  Wouldn’t it be nice to enter 2013 with a few less?

UFO Thursday – Aestlight Shawl

Set the stopwatch, pull out the needles and dust off that unfinished project because  it is UFO Thursday! My STAR SPANGLED UFO project over the next couple weeks is to finish the Aestlight Shawl that has been lingering since May.  Thursdays in this house are all about focusing on UFOs.  I set the stop watch on my iPod and promise myself that I will work only on the selected UFO and work on it for at least TWO hours.  No current projects are allowed on UFO Thursdays unless I have completed those two hours.

  Aestlight on the surface appeared to be a quick knit.  Look at all that garter stitch!  Well, the garter stitch was the quick part but the bird’s eye lace took several attempts before I even got it right.  I didn’t particularly enjoy knitting the lace part.  But, what seems to be taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r is the scalloped border edging bind off!  Today is the day I hope to finish it!

It makes me a little sad that I have a wanderlust eye and so often grow weary of projects before they are finished.  When having dinner with friends recently, I laughingly told them about the many projects on my needles.  My friend looked directly into my eyes and asked, “You do know that you have limited productivity when you knit in that manner.”  I knew, of course, that he was right and it has really given me pause to reflect.  I know that I knit, and knit, and knit and many times feel very unproductive.

For that reason, I have reinstated UFO Thursday’s because I know it will help preserve a little bit of balance in the area of productivity, otherwise my larger endeavors would never get done.   Case in point – Sirdal is lingering and unfinished,  Alcea is lingering and unfinished and now, Rosemarkie joins the line-up…….sigh.  It seems to be the more involved projects that hibernate so maybe I just like seeing fast results.  But today is all about the Aestlight Shawl and those other UFOs will have their day eventually.

Star Spangled UFO runs from July 15th – August 15th

Ravelry Group – One Day a Week for UFOs

UFO Thursday, Sirdal Neck Opening Finished

I woke up this morning to a couple inches of unexpected spring snow and breathed a great sigh of relief.  The area of Colorado that I live in has been in an ‘Extreme Fire Warning Alert’ for the last month which makes us extremely nervous.  We have not been this dry since 1911………………..

This is the grass in my front yard and you can see how dry it is.  One lightening strike, one spark, one match will send it blazing into a fire.   Normally, our biggest snowfall arrives in March and April but not this year so last night’s snowfall was a one we welcomed.

But alas, you have not come to my blog to hear about the weather in Colorado have you?  What you really want to hear about is knitting and, to be more precise, to hear about the progress I’ve made on my UFO Sirdal Sweater!  Right?

Last UFO Thursday my goal was to finish the front neck opening on Sirdal.  I thought I could finish it in a day but I made an unpleasant discovery.  Color stranded patterns are much easier to work in the round, instead of back-and-forth flat which is what this Dale of Norway pattern instructed me to do when I got to the neck decreases.  Let me repeat , color-stranded patterns are MUCH EASIER to work in the round instead of back-and-forth flat!

Instead of using plain common sense to bridge those openings with a steak, I laboriously followed the pattern and plodded along purling those wrong side rows.  And, instead of working comfortably with a color in each hand I had to ‘throw’ each and every stitch with my right hand because I’ve never learned to work a Continental purl.  ARG!  I don’t need to tell you that those wrong-side rows took almost an hour but I will.  I don’t need to tell you that I should have know better but I will.  It is MUCH EASIER to work stranded when the front side of the fabric faces you and you can easily watch your pattern.  But, I persevered and the front opening is done.

Writing about the neck opening has been a painful experience (just kidding) so I much prefer to show you a photo of my Sirdal buttons instead of showing you one of the unsightly neck opening.  I have eight larger buttons for the button band and four smaller ones for the placket cuff on the sleeve.  Very Norwegian, don’t you think?

On this UFO Thursday I will be moving on to the back neck.  I will have seven rows to knit.  Since steeking is no longer an option at this late date I plan to knit in reverse instead of turning the work and purling.  I’ve read about this somewhere so I’ll need to peruse some of my knitting resources before starting.

Do you know where your UFO’s are?  How about joining me today and working on one?

UFO Thursday Reinstated

After experiencing the joy and benefits of finishing Vickie, a sweater that had languished for many years in a basket, I have been inspired to dig around and see what other UFOs I had lingering.  I was surprised to see how far I had progressed on Sirdal so it will be tackled next.  As of today I am reinstating UFO Thursday in my life.  This is the day that I will focus solely on UFOs and before I know it, I will have another sweater to wear this spring.  Spring seems to linger here in the mountains so I should get some good use out of this sweater if I finish it this month.

I started Sirdal when the Winter Olympics began in January 2010 so she is a little over a year in progress.  I haven’t picked her up in a LONG time which definitely qualifies her as an official UFO!  She is a Dale of Noway pattern knit with Heilo, a sportweight yarn.

Today I will be working on the front neck opening.

This is the pattern picture that inspires me to keep going.  I thought long and hard about adding the braid and decided not to add it.  I do have the Sirdal buttons though!

Knit on!

March UFO Madness 2011

While many sports fans will be cheering on their favorite teams during March Madness, I will be participating in my own March Madness knitting challenge.  The UFO group on Ravelry is hosting March UFO Madness and I’ve singled out, once again, my Vickie Cardigan.  My personal challenge is ten rows a day which should get me pretty close to finishing all the parts of this cardigan.  The challenge runs from March 1 – March 15th and I meant to mention it earlier this week to you.  It’s not too late to focus on one of your UFO’s for the next couple weeks so follow the link if you are interested.

If my calculations are correct, 10 rows a day should result in a finished BACK.

I’m also working on something GREEN for St. Patrick’s Day.

Not only did I pick green yarn, I picked a pattern filled with cable-goodness because you know what those Irish knitters are known for, right?   Cables.  Lots of twisty enchanting cables! The sock pattern is Eunice (Sock Innovations) and is another of Cookie A.’s brilliant and challenging patterns.  Cookie certainly thinks out of the box!

Speaking of boxes, I am waiting for a very special box coming straight from Scotland.  It will be stamped ‘Royal Mail’ and will contain the Hebridean yarn to make Rosemarkie.  =audible squeal of delight and anticipation=



To arrive at the end of, in performance; to complete; as, to finish a house; to finish a journey…….to finish knitting a sweater.

A sweater? Yes. The Vickie Cardigan? Yes.  That is what I intend to do this month.

Sleeve #1

Sleeve #2


Left Front

Right Front (almost done)


How am I staying Vickie focused?  Why, isn’t it obvious?  The ORANGE needles!