The Teal Mission Gate

I drove my mother down to visit our cousins in the Texas hill country a few days ago. The highways were lined with bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrush and Indian Blanket.  People were about everywhere plopping their friends and family down in fields of flowers for portraits.   The land was as so green that it reminded me of the first time I saw Ireland.


My cousin is an artist and her home reflects her artistic flair.  Her home is not the only thing that reflects her ability to touch something and make it beautiful, her back yard is a haven.  There are things to look at tucked here and there throughout her yard but the one thing I really noticed on this visit is that TEAL seems to be her signature color.  She splashes TEAL everywhere.

Kim's Teal Chair

A TEAL chair is tucked in a corner by the fireplace.

Kim's Teal Garden Signs

TEAL garden signs painted and just about ready to go outside in the garden.

Kim's Teal Garden House

A few boards painted TEAL in the greenhouse.

Kim's TEAL Hens

A TEAL chicken tucked under some monkey grass.

Kim's Teal St. Francis

A TEAL St. Francis of Assisi tucked amongst clay pots from Mexico.

But my absolute favorite is a TEAL mission gate  surrounded by Austin stone that my cousin had made alongside her hubby.  What talent!

Kim's Teal Gate

They used wooden floor boards and salvaged the iron grate from another fence.  The bell once belonged to her husband’s grandmother.  The ability to create something like this amazes me.

Kim's Teal Gate

Kim's Teal Gate

Kim's Teal Gate

When I left to go home, as always, I felt inspired and creative. The first thing I did when I got back home was to pull out some yarn and start on a cowl using this lovely Malabrigo Arroyo that is pretty tealish.  

Allison's TEAL cowl

And, it was no wonder that today, when I went to my local quilt shop, The Needle Niche, to pick fabric for a quilt that a certain someone has been begging me to make that
I just happened to be drawn to TEALs so I splashed neutrals throughout.

Allison's TEAL Party Mix

My creative juices are definitely flowing again and I’m ready to get going on a Lisa Hartman modern quilt.

Allison's TEAL Party Mix

What can I say? TEAL.


You Need to Know Before Traveling

You need to know that doing your homework before traveling is extremely important.  Three years ago our cruise ship made landfall in the Azores islands after crossing the Atlantic for six days.  It was a foggy morning but that did not prevent us from seeing the beauty of this verdant, lush island.
The Azores
The Azores are located in the Atlantic Ocean about 1,000 miles from the coast of Portugal.  We were excited to reach landfall after the many days at sea but also a little surprised that the British Isles were still a few days beyond this port of call.
The Azores
The Azores
The Azores

Flowers and unusual trees  flourish on the island.

We visited a pineapple plantation.

Azores The Azores
Beautifuly cobbled stone streets with neat little store fronts and there were many people in town for a festival, customs that were unusual to us but were widely attended by the islanders.
The Azores The Azores
Festival in The Azores

But, had I done my research a little more carefully I would have learned that the islanders were famous for knitting fine medallion lace patterns.  Azores lace, or Pita lace, is incredibly delicate in design and detail.  The lace is created with a single thread using traditional knitting patterns.

Azores Lace
Azores Lace
Azores Lace
Azores Lace

I was sad-so-sad when I realized that I had missed,what would have been to me, the most spectacular attraction on this island………Pita Lace …. so you need to know that when you travel your destination may be famous for a hobby you yourself enjoy.