Ten on Tuesday and a Pair of Chili Peppers

I am learning to enter fully the thing right before me instead of being in a hurry to get to the next thing because hurry always empties the soul.

I am learning to say no to mystery knit-a-longs because I have found that joy comes in knitting something I loved the moment I saw it.

I am learning that the best medicine for my soul is to collect pieces of God-glory. As I stand on the brink of eternity there is enough time to rest deep, sing joy and give God glory.

I am learning to stop hounding myself, driving myself and pressing myself to get it all done.

I am learning that the ruse of always being in control is a pseudo power from the pit.  Stress and worry in my life are consistently evidences of a soul too lazy and too undisciplined to keep my gaze fixed on God.  When my gaze is fixed on Him all is well.

I am learning that my yarn stash is sufficient and that continually adding to it causes discontent.  What ever happened to seeing something you really wanted to knit and then shopping for that project?  Isn’t there more joy in this?

I am learning not to think more highly of myself than I ought to.  Created in God’s image, we all have inherent talents and abilities and joy comes in being able to share those with others rather than puffing myself up with what I can do.

I am learning to spin fiber into yarn and enjoying drafting the fibers gently as if I am playing a fine instrument.

I am learning that humility is a key to peaceful relationships with others.

I am learning through this time of mourning and this time of sickness how important it is to reach out to someone going through a difficult time, it truly does encourage them.


Simple knitting has been just about all the knitting I have been able to handle these last five weeks so I turned to my trusty Chili Pepper pattern for a pair of red hot Chili Pepper socks.  Tried and true, these are still my favorite vanilla sock pattern.  I recently rewrote the pattern for a friend wishing to use the magic loop method of knitting which has also become my preferred technique for knitting socks.  These are the first pair of socks for 2014!

IMG_9330For knitters who do not like to do the Kitchener stitch to close the toe my Chili Peppers use a star toe decrease and all you have to do at the end is pull your yarn through the last four stitches and snug it up.

IMG_9331For knitters who do not like picking up stitches along the heel flap and struggle which stitch to pick up, my Chili Peppers use a garter edge heel flap that makes it really easy to see where to pick up those stitches.  The garter edge heel flap also snugs around your heel nicely.


download now

Ten on Tuesday – Tradition


1.  Photo Ornaments of my children each year on the tree.  Now that the children are grown I add the grandchild!


2.  Adding new ornaments that remind us of our travels that year.


3.  Advent Log over the fireplace with candles for each day of the month, a tradition I learned from a friend thirteen years ago.  You light a candle each day for your Advent reading continuing to add one a day until they are all lit on Christmas day.


4.  Christmas stockings that tell The Story.  It is time to toss childhood stockings aside and stitch the continuation of the story for each grown member of the family.

5.  Going to church on Christmas Eve with hubby and whomever tags along – singing carols, hearing The Story.

6.  Watching It’s A Wonderful Life when we get home.


7.  Homemade cinnamon rolls and a roaring fire in the fireplace as we ready ourselves for opening gifts.

8.  The one who distributes gifts wearing the Santa hat and starting by giving the dogs their Christmas Stocking containing tantalizing aromas that have been taunting them since they entered the room.  Stockings opened first followed by gifts, all one-at-a-time.

9.  Traditional Christmas meal with all the trimmings and phone calls to loved ones who could not be with us.

10.  Driving down the mountain to see a movie, whichever one we have been anticipating and holding out on for this occasion.  This year it is The Hobbit.

Ten on Tuesday ~ Ten Mittens

I’m taking a little break today from Portulaca to think about mittens, ten mittens.  The topic for TEN ON TUESDAY is timely as my numb fingers on my morning dog walk were reminding me that it is time to get busy and knit something for them.  Carole asked us to write about ten mittens we would like to knit so this morning I started with my Ravelry Favorites list and then combed through some books I have and some patterns I have purchased to compile my list.

1.   Fetching Fingerless Mittens by Cheryl Niamath

2.  Peerie Flooers Mittens by Kate Davies

3.  Selbuvotter NHM#10 by Terri Shea

4. Genmaicha by Kirsten Kapur

5. Ailbe by Kristi Gerarci

6.  Tulip Mittens by Mary Ann Stephens

7.  Reading Mitts

8. Palouse by Marjorie Walter

9. Quinaults by Marjorie Walter

10.  Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang

I’m glad I took time to participate this Tuesday with all the other ladies over on Carole’s blog thinking about mittens.  It was great to go through my Ravelry queue and revisit these lovely mittens which have inspired me all over again.  I guess I better get busy and cast on a pair today.

Ten on Tuesday………

The Taos Wool Festival was a wonderful and filled with all kinds of wooly goodness.  I’m almost positive I can find at least ten things to share with you guys so I’m joining Carole Knits today with her Tuesday topic, Ten Things I Did This Weekend.

1.  I stayed in an incredible adobe home in the historic district of Taos, New Mexico.  It was close to the Convention Center where all the classes were being held and, even more importantly, was  perfect for late night knitting to wind down our days.  Unfortunately, I failed to take any pictures.  I wanted to wait until the morning hours but when those hours came was too excited about getting to either our class or the vendor fair.

2.  Learned how to spin with Abby Franquemont, the spinning expert who wrote Respect the Spindle.  Went to class afraid to pick up a spindle I bought several years ago and eight hours later left feeling more confident and excited about a new hobby.  Of course, this picture is not me……but maybe soon.

3.  Chattered away to some beautiful llamas as if they understood me  or are these alpacas?  Whatever they were, they sure were cute!

4.  Watched a sheep sheering demonstration and thought, “If only my Westie were this co-operative in our grooming sessions!”

5.  Admired some sheep and thought it would be pretty cool to have my own yarn-supplying-animal.

6.  Saw a beautiful angora rabbit and wondered if the owner’s jacket had a bit its fur spun into yarn and woven in.

7.  Ran my hands across some interesting yarn which was very bright but definitely not mohair just as the sign stated!  Who am I kidding?  I don’t know what yarn comes from what source in this fiber world but I’m learning.

8.  Watched many spinners spinning on there wheels and wondered if I need to spin this way instead of with a spindle.

9.  Chuckled at some colorful felted hats and chuckled again when, later, I saw two elderly ladies wearing some.

10.  Enjoyed walking around the vendor tents and enjoyed being in the presence of many fiber folk.  Totally stoked!  Awesome weekend!

Ten on Tuesday

On today’s TEN ON TUESDAY Carole talks about the difference between ‘resolutions’ and ‘specific goals’ and encourages us to make a list of ten things we want to do in 2012.  She says writing them down helps you to achieve them so I have done that.  It was only after the list was made that I realized that I had a mixed bag of both ‘resolutions’ and ‘goals’ so I guess I’m going to have to think about this assignment a little harder.  But, for now, here are my TEN THINGS:

1.  Train my Westie!  Kenzie went to a puppy class when I first got her and graduated at the top of her class. Unfortunately, her master has not been faithful practicing all those things she learned.  When Kenzie  we have them mastered I would like to move to the next class and take it before 2012 is up.

2.   Knit The Sky, a 2012 Lacy SKY Baktus.  I really love this idea and you can read more about it here.  Basically, you look at the sky every day and knit a row on your scarf to match the sky.  I think it would be fun to see how many days it actually snowed or rained.  I’m expecting my Sky Scarf to be mostly blue since that is what our sky in Colorado is – mostly blue.

3.  Learn more about the Pomodoro method of time management and implement it.  I already use a FlyLady timer on my iPad and it helps keep me focused but trying something new may make the daily routines of life a little more fun.

4.  On the cooking front, I would like to try some new recipes in my bread machine, the Zo, even though I know I need to avoid those carbs.  Right now I use it mostly for pizza crust, the best butter rolls on the planet and cinnamon rolls.  It’s tricky using anything other than the ‘dough’ cycle at my elevation but it’s high time I figure out how to do it.

5.  Read at least 4 classics, 2 biographies and a couple how-to books.  I’ve been cruising along reading what others are talking about instead of keeping to the old plan of 100 Books.  I will give this new revised plan a go in 2012 and see how it works.

6.  Quarterly Stash Busters.  The plan:  each quarter I will knit 10 things from stash on hand and after these things are knit allow myself a yarn splurge.  After all, if I deprive myself too much then there might be a late night overindulgence in the many on-line yarn shops around the world.

7.  Finish TKGA Master Knitting Level 1 and get it submitted for evaluation.

8.  Keep a food journal to help me see if my calories are helping me or hurting me.

9.  Use my camera every day and also participate Digital Photography School’s Weekly Challenge. It’s free and will help get me out of the rut of taking pictures of only knitting and Westies!  The MCP Project 12 sounds kind of interesting, too!

10.  Go to my local knitting group every Thursday that, with the help of Ravelry,  I was able to start last month.  I really like these ladies!

Ten on Tuesday: Pie

Ten on Tuesday – Ten Favorite Kind of Pies

When I used to visit my grandmother in the sixties I could always count on her having a Papoose Pie waiting for me.  Of all the pies enjoyed in my childhood it was quintessential, the most perfect embodiment of everything that makes a pie ideal.  It was ideal with flaky crust, bananas, creamy filling perfected with blueberry pie filling on top.  Long before the days of Cool Whip, my grandmother’s Papoose Pie was made with ‘Dream Whip’ which was whipped cream made from a powder in a box.  And best of all, it was MY pie because my grandma made it just for me and called it ‘Becky’s Papoose Pie.’  My little brother was decidedly a chocolate pie fan and I remember that distinctly.

In 1967 Cool Whip entered the dessert scene making the housewife’s dessert making skills easier and faster.  Cool Whip, imitation non-dairy whipped cream in a container – yum!  My mother replaced the Dream Whip in my grandmother’s Papoose Pie with Cool Whip.  The Pie was still delicious but somewhere along the transition my mother started calling it ‘Mike’s Pie.’ Mike is my brother’s name.  I claim it was parental favoritism but she denies it.

In the eighties my youngest daughter claimed Papoose Pie as her ‘comfort’ pie of choice and changed the name to an unoriginal name, ‘Blueberry Pie.’  She started begging pleading that I make Blueberry Pie on her birthdays instead of cake.  When she went away to college the first recipe she requested from home was the ‘Blueberry’ Pie recipe.  She began making it for her friends and they, in turn, made it for her on her birthdays.

Well let it be known that this will always be MY pie and I will always call it PAPOOSE PIE.  Enough already!  I’m sure you are waiting with baited breath to find out what my 10 favorite pies are, right?

  1. PAPOOSE PIE (My grandmother’s recipe, soon to be modified using fresh blueberry homemade pie filling)
  2. Blackberry Bramble Pie Apples and blackberries, yummy!  I will share this recipe with you in the future.
  3. Dutch Apple Crumb Pie   The husband enjoys this ala mode and so do I!
  4. French Silk Pie    My husband’s comfort pie and I like it, too!
  5. Lemon Meringue Pie  I love anything lemony but have not been successful making it at 9,035 ft. elevation (sigh).
  6. Lemon Supreme Pie  The combination of the cream cheese and tart lemon is wonderful!
  7. Coconut Cream Pie  Sublime.  I used to make this for my dad in high school but alas, my family never liked coconut.
  8. Banana Cream Pie  ditto
  9. Pumpkin Pie  The only time I get this is at Thanksgiving since there are no pumpkin lovers in this house.
  10. Key Lime Pie  My husband and I had it in Naples, Florida at The Ritz and I’ve never found a recipe that even comes close to it.  Believe me, I think I’ve tried them all!

In honor of my grandmother, Ela Mae Poston.


1 Cool Whip container

1 cup sugar

1 package cream cheese (8 oz)

2-3 ripe bananas

1 can of Blueberry Pie Filling

2 prepared pie crusts

Cream sugar and Cool Whip together until creamy.  Fold in Cool Whip and mix gently.  Line bottom of prepared pie crust with sliced bananas.  Spread with cream cheese mixture on top of bananas and then top with blueberry pie filling.  Chill Well.

Ten on Tuesday: And the Oscar Goes To….

Once upon a time I not only recognized the movies being nominated for the best picture of the year but I also saw every movie in the lineup!  But alas, it seems that my taste in films has not followed the changes in our society’s taste in films and I’ve grown weary of actors making political statements when the spotlight is upon them.

If truth be known, when I looked at the list of Academy Award-winning films since the first Oscar was awarded it was quite obvious that I seemed to have been born in the wrong century decade.  My favorites (i.e. Gone with the Wind, Rebecca among many others)were made in the 1940’s l-o-n-g before all the high-tech movies of today.  I’ve enjoyed a lot of movies in my time so this week’s TEN on TUESDAY topic was both fun and challenging.

I made the challenge a little ‘less’ challenging by narrowing the list to movies that I’ve physically seen in a theater rather than on television, VHS or DVD.  So, my list begins in 1965 with the first Oscar winning movie that I remember sitting in a theatre chair to see, The Sound of Music.

And the Mumster’s Oscar goes to…….

  1. The Sound of Music (1965) Roger’s and Hammerstein music with the ever memorable songs “Edelweiss”,”My Favorite Things”, “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”, “Do-Re-Mi”, “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”, and the title song, “The Sound of Music.”  An amazing and true  story of the von Trapp family during WWII.  Just thinking of the movie brings to mind my intense dislike of the Baroness Schraeder and  how I ached for the von Trapp children to have Maria for their mother.  What a difference she made in their lives.
  2. Rocky (1976) It is incredibly hard for me to imagine ever having a crush on Sylvester Stallone of all but I did.  I loved the music in this film and what made it especially exciting for me was that Bill Conti, who wrote the music, grduated from my alma mater, LSU.  The year Rocky won the Oscar, he came to our homecoming football game and directed Tiger Band. (Geaux Tigers!)
  3. Chariots of Fire (1981)  The inspirational story of Eric Liddell, a Scottish Christian who refused to participate in the Olympics on the Sabbath because he ran for the glory of God instead of his own glory.  (Can’t say the same about the vast majority of athletes today!)  Inspirational music that inspired me to start jogging when I lived in Denver.  I had the soundtrack on a cassette tape  in a giant Walkman and had to flip the cassette over as I was running!  Nowadays the same song is on my iTouch and I will still play it while jogging on my treadmill and remember that famous beach scene where all the athletes are running barefoot on the sand!
  4. Terms of Endearment (1983) Although this is billed as a romantic comedy there is quite a bit of tragedy in it.  I enjoyed watching it when I was young from the eyes of the ‘daughter’ in the film and enjoy watching it now that I’m the age of the ‘mother’ in the film and have raised my own daughters.  LOVE the fact that mother’s always seem to keep vigils over their children no matter how old they are!  Shirley MacLain has made me laugh for decades now.
  5. Dances with Wolves (1990)  Especially endearing because we were wanting to move back to a Rocky Mountain state.  Or, maybe it was because I had a crush on Keven Costner and his green eyes.  Or, maybe it was because I love music written by John Williams…………probably a combination of all three reasons.
  6. Driving Miss Daisy (1989) Love how the relationship evolves between Miss Daisy (Jessica Tandy) and her chauffeur (Morgan Freeman), two of my favorite actors.  I generally always like ‘southern’ movies since I’m a southerner in my heart.  This one takes place in Atlanta, Georgia.
  7. Braveheart (1995) Mel Gibson as the 14th c. Scottish knight, Sir William Wallace.  Ahhhhhh, Scotland…..to go back to a time when men were men and women were women.  My personal opinion is that the women’s movement has emasculated men and I’ve watched it happen in my lifetime. Loved the soundtrack!
  8. Gladiator (2000) Another historical epic filled with testosterone!  Since I majored in Ancient History in college I especially liked this tale of a betrayed Roman general reduced to slavery as a gladiator.  I also love the music of Hans Zimmer.
  9. A Beautiful Mind (2001) When this movie came out we were going through the college selection process with our oldest daughter who was seriously considering Princeton.  I found this story of a schizophrenic prodigy named John Nash fascinating and alarming at the same time.  This man went on to teach at MIT and won a Nobel Prize in Economics despite his diagnosis!  Although I’m not that crazy about Russel Crowe as a person, I’m finding him a very convincing actor in whatever role he plays.
  10. Lord of the Rings, Return of the King (2003)It was great fun seeing one of my favorite childhood trilogies put to film.  What amazing actors in this trilogy!  I was so sad to see them come to an end but we still watch them over and over thanks to DVDs!

I really enjoyed participating in Carole’s Ten on Tuesday Challenge and will continue to do them.  If you are interested in hopping on board click here to link to her site.

So………..what is YOUR favorite Oscar movie?