Mom’s Best Dress

When asked to describe my mother’s best dress in a journal prompt I was hard pressed to remember the last time I had even seen my mother wearing a dress.  How could I describe her ‘best’ dress when I could not even picture her wearing one?  The best I could come up with was at my wedding thirty five years ago.  Thinking all the way back through my childhood I could only picture her in pedal pushers, the Jackie-O stretch pants and later on, blue jeans.  I recalled that we had worn dresses to church on Sundays but I think she might have given those up long ago.

I headed on over to her house yesterday on a dress quest.  I first asked dad if he could remember the last time he saw mom in a dress and he couldn’t.  Then I asked mom and she said, “Hmmmmmm….” so we looked through her photo albums to see if we could find  a photo of her wearing a dress because she insisted she once wore them a lot.  Not only did we hit the jackpot in that regard but mom enjoyed describing the dresses we found to me- both the colors and fabric – in great detail just as if it were yesterday.  Because the photographs were in black and white, I found myself surprised when she told me what color the dress was.  Being an excellent seamstress, my grandmother had made all her dresses for her.


Here is a cute shot of mom taken from behind as she is getting in the car.  She said this dress was a light BLUE.  We both liked the way the sleeves were not set into a bodice but was all one piece with the bodice.


Mom is sporting a PURPLE sundress in this photo.  She said, “I really liked how I felt when I wore this dress, I felt pretty.”


I was most surprised by the description of this ensemble mom wore posed on the steps.  She said the pleated skirt was a sparkly silver graphite that reflected light.  I imagined it to be like some of the Kaffe Fasset fabric I’m using in a quilt, awesome fabric because depending on how the light hits the color is different.  Mom said she thought the sweater was probably fuchsia.


But Mom’s best dress, the one that was her favorite of all time was the one in the above photo.  The under skirt was a pink pencil skirt.  The overlaying skirt was a gauzy brown sheer fabric and the bodice and bowtie were also brown, probably satin.  By the way, that is yours truly that she is holding and I forgot to ask her what color I am in.

I enjoyed the time spent with mom reminiscing and splashing these black and white photos with color.  Had I not gone on a mission to find a photo of mom in a dress these photographs would have been forever etched in my mind as just black, white and gray.  Mom says she thinks she stopped wearing dresses because my dad told her she looked better in pants but I’m not so sure about that.  I think she stopped wearing them because she loves the comfort that pants provide.  She is just a casual kind of gal, my blue jean mama.




Unbeknownst to me, this Cupid Smurf has sat on my husband’s desk at work for thirty-two years.  It followed him through his career with each move lovingly placed beneath his computer monitor.  I gave it to him when we were dating and it has long been forgotten on my part but not by husband.  When he was unpacking his retirement boxes he brought it in to show me and ask me if I remembered what it was.  Such simple things touch the heart, don’t they?  Sweet moments,  Retirement brings one full circle to the inseparable days of early dating and now, here we are, thirty two years later inseparable once now that he is home. Loving it!



We give of ourselves when we give gifts of the heart – love, kindness, joy, understanding, sympathy, tolerance, forgiveness.

We give of ourselves when we give gifts of the mind – ideas, dreams, purposes, ideals, principles, plans, inventions, projects, poetry.

We give of ourselves when we give gifts of words – encouragement, inspiration, guidance.

Emerson said it well – “Rings and jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts.  The only true gift is a portion of thyself.”

Wilfred A Peterson

“The Art of Giving”

Thoughts on Deadlines

These deadlines, these deadlines!  Isn’t knitting supposed to be relaxing?   I commit myself to far more knitalongs than it is possible for me to do. I think I sign up for the camaraderie and the extra little push to finish a project within a reasonable time frame.  Instead of hearing my needles make a soothing and steady ‘click-clack’ , I find mine going ‘click-ity-clack-ity-click-ity-clack-clack-clack’ at a breakneck speed to finish whatever I am working on before the deadline expires.


And with that said, I present my newly finished Colormatic Cowl that was knit for the October-November Skacel Progressive Needles KAL.  I finished it this morning  on the day of the deadline.  It has not been blocked yet.



I like this colorful cowl.  It may look like this is stranded knitting but the two patterns are actually slip stitch patterns working with only one color per row….very easy.  It is knit in the round and grafted together at the end with the Kitchener stitch.  I learned to Kitchener in the round!  Project details can be found on my Ravelry page here.

This will be the last knitalong that I will do for a while.  I’m committed to finishing the many things on my needles and starting 2014 out fresh.  I am still trying to knit in snippets of time here and there never going beyond two hours total so those things on the needle may move into springtime knitting.  That will be just fine.  I’m determined to de-stress my ‘relaxing’ hobby.  (And my knitting buddies who read this are probably smirking right now thinking I can’t do it – time will tell,right?)

Winter Storm Reflection

Another snowstorm blew in and dumped six more inches on our snowcovered acreage.  We won’t be seeing the ground until late spring.  Hubby took my SUV leaving me homebound for the fourth day in a row.  Hmmmm…..more knitting?  How much knitting can a gal stand?



One of the things I enjoy most after a snowfall has abated is being able to see ‘who’ has been tramping around the perimeter of my cabin.  I spotted tracks coming up the side steps – do you see them?  And I followed them all the way up to a downstairs window.  They are most definitely deer tracks, but what was this deer doing looking in a window?


Snooks has informed me that they are NOT his tracks!  The poor little guy could hardly walk straight after his morning constitutional.  He needs some doggy boots!  He also needs a haircut!


This was a mild winter storm.  The most severe Colorado winter storm I can remember was a blizzard back in October of 1999.  My husband, away on a business trip back east, tried to outrun the storm.  He let me know he was going to try to do this early in the morning.  He made it all the way to Denver only to find out his commuter flight had been cancelled to Colorado Springs.  Not thinking to call his anxious wife to let her know he had made it that far, he chartered a van with several other people.  It took them eleven hours to get to the Colorado Springs airport on a stretch of highway that normally takes a little over an hour.  When they got to the CS airport it had been shut down and his car was buried in snow.  He spent the whole weekend at the airport. 

The worst part about this severe winter storm?  It was before we had a cell phone and I went almost 24 hours without knowing where he was or if he was safe.  The second worst thing?  It was my birthday and I was homebound with two little girls.

What about you?  Can YOU reflect back and share a story about a severe winter storm that is memorable your life? If you can, please share it in the comments.