Joy Dare 2013


28. For the last swatch, knit twice but finished at last
29. For the completion of the final project, the mitten with the cuff I thought I would never figure out, knit five times over but f-i-n-I-s-h-e-d.
30. For all the writing, proof reading and editing and the knowledge acquired in the process

31. for the finishing and mailing of THE BINDER
32. for knowing I gave it my all and for the working of humility in my attitude because I’m certain there will be resubmissions
33. for having to wait 6-8 weeks because this will build patience, perseverance and humility

34.  for feeling well enough to change out of my pajamas after days spent shivering under down feathers
35. for doggies behaving and sleeping beside me for hours on end
36.  for brightly colored socks on my feet making me smile

37. for hubby keeping us well supplied in Sweet Clementines
38. that he is eating better and has more of a desire to do so
39. for the sweetness of teensy citrus wedges

40. for a sweet friend found in a neighbor
41. for her love of gardening and her enthusiasm to teach me about high altitude landscaping
42. for the way I can serve her while she is away

43. for the curls in Brody’s fur going in all directions and causing us to wonder if there is a poodle in his genealogy
44. for my granddaughter’s curls and the sweet longing I have to run my fingers through her hair every time I receive a new photo or video
45. for curled ribbon in shades of brown, bronze and green and knowing I need my mother’s help to make them into raggedy roses

JOY Dare 2013

The JOY Dare impacted my life last year in a wonderful way so I thought I would start over again this month and continue to count.  I didn’t make it to one thousand gifts last year but 2013 is a new year and so the quest for JOY continues……


7. for the hug observed, knowing the cost of that hug and how it was made possible
8. for the tear I noticed and learning later the shame of that tear and how we were able to help bear her burden
9. for the friend who made this stitch marker, sometimes prickly and sharp but up close a faithful and dear friend with a heart filled with love

10. for the beautiful hand dyed greens in yarn that will be knit into a shawl and worn in Ireland, Lord willing
11. for the opportunity to teach new friends how to knit a shawl as our friendships are knit together along the journey
12. for wrinkled stories of heartache, for bearing one another’s burdens, for words of encouragement and understanding that JOY unfolds from forgiveness


13. for my need for a savior because “there is none righteous, not even one (Romans 3:10)” and “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23)
14. for the life giving words of Jesus, “I am the resurrection and life; He who believes in me will live even if he dies, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die. (John 11:25-26)
15. for a showering of blessings in my life so that I can say, “the Mighty One has done great things for me; and holy is His name. (Luke 1:49)


16. for my daughter finding a house to rent
17. for the color of blue being knit into a temperature scarf reminding that this is the season of cold and I live in a place where I can wear wool
18. for a chapter in a book reminding me to not kick over the beehive if I want to gather honey

19. for the manicure my daughter gave me and all the giggles and ‘oopsies’ that came with it
20. for how she always wants to apply my makeup, just like when she was a little girl, to make her mommy pretty
21. for her enthusiasm and endless ideas of DIY projects we can tackle together

22. for a beautiful Raggedy Ribbon kit to embellish my felted hat, looking forward to giving this a try
23. for sleeping pups when I’m feeling weary and need to relax
24. for the honor my husband was given yesterday,  a man of integrity

Out of Ivory Palaces

Humility.  Where has it gone to in our society?  Humility is a character trait that I greatly admire in others when I see it.  Nurturing a heart of humility is something I want to do because I know it is a virtue highly treasured by God.  I’ve mentioned before how I often struggle with the whole concept of blogging and whether or not I should continue doing so.   I often ask myself if, by showing and talking about the things I knit, I am truly demonstrating a heart of humility.  If a month passes without a post then you will know I have finally answered that question in my heart of hearts.

I read some sobering words this week from the pen of another:

A spirit of humility is very rare in our day of strong-willed, proud-as-a-peacock attitudes.  The clenched fist has replaced the bowed head.  The big mouth and the surly stare now dominate the scene once occupied by the quiet godliness of the “poor in spirit.”

These words were read shortly before I heard of the horrible shooting in Connecticut this week.  How many ‘clenched fists’ do we have in our society, how many more shootings will there be by people who have hearts filled with anger?

I fought hard to search for JOY this week and I found it.  The gifts are always there just waiting for me to see them.  They may not sound trivial to you but they continue to give me a heart soaring with JOY.  I’m only half-way through counting to  ONE THOUSAND and they keep on coming………….


Three Gifts White
530. SNOW on Pikes Peak, so welcomed and so beautiful.
531. SNOW on Kenzie’s nose bringing smiles as I watch her play in it with delight.
532. SNOW in a favorite planter, a season behind me welcoming an incoming season.


533. thankful for stockings that tell the Story and
534. for finding out-of-print patterns to stitch and continue that story
535. for a door left open by accident being God’s provision


536. Thankful for a new book to read through Advent
537. And the continued tradition of lighting candles even though we are but two
538. And for stories that whisper His name


539. for Beth, my dear friend through life and eternity
540. and her recommendation of a book with words that make me travel to Scotland and dream
541. and long visits on the phone when the mind is weary and the tongue gets all tied up but it is still good to share and to love


542. for hubby and daughter helping me prepare my house for a knitting marathon this weekend
543. for knitting buddies who inspire me and share the common language of knitting
544. for incoming snow so we can knit by a roaring fire and watch two seasons of Downton Abbey and finish those Christmas gifts


545. for a year of sunrises not only to knit into a hat but to make my heart swell with thanksgiving
547. for watching the sun peek its head over the mountains in different spots on the horizon as the seasons have changed
548. for the reminder that, just as the sun continues to appear on the horizon with steadfast faithfulness, so is the faithfulness of God in my life – always there, never leaving me.


549. doggies watching from the front door as I
550. walk around a beautiful crystal cathedral in my yard
551. out of ivory palaces into the world of woe, only a great eternal love made my Savior go

Joy Dare on a Cyber Monday


504. Purple crepe myrtle flowers dropped and gone but leaving behind beauty.
505. Fallen leaves all about – on the ground, in the process of falling and blowing in front of triumphant puppy paws that finally catch them
506. Orange, red and yellow hues brilliant in the sunlight

507. Sweet puppy face that makes puppy teeth bearable.
508. Long puppy eyebrows that Papaw says we need to trim making us laugh and wonder if we really are supposed to do this
509. Him telling Allison that golden retrievers are the prettiest dogs there are and he will grow up to be ‘real pretty’

510. morning sunlight shining through trees which keep me mesmerized in the shades of autumn
511. hot coffee in a Dansk coffee mug drawing me back to the time of being a young bride
512. faithful Westie resting from her explorations, what a gift she has been to me!
513. wee lass and young pup running to me when I call them, thankful they are learning to play well and obey

514. Seeing the moon above the red tiled roof.
515. The red tiled roof bringing memories of Italy and how thankful we were to make that trip ……
516. Faith around the world and the voice of martyrs through the ages making our faith so much easier to lay hold of and so much easier to take for granted.

515. Beautiful leaves against a blue sky.

516. for those who came to our country four hundred years ago so that they could worship freely
517. for my mother’s Simpich Thanksgiving dolls that I still love
518. for traditional food, time with family both here and on the phone…..and of course, for a football game we never miss

519. Thankful for my mom, ever loving and always game to do something – even taking pups to play in the lake.
520. for beautiful trees of all colors along the lake
521. for brave pups and pups just learning to swim
A Holy Experience

Joy Dare 2012

It seems like my mind is always thinking about something. I have found that if I think about something often enough I won’t be able to stop thinking about it. This often leads me down a path I shouldn’t be going down….especially if it involves anything related to knitting. I will get my mind fixed on some new project that I saw someone knitting, or some pretty yarn, or some knitting gadget and you can probably guess what happens.

Are you familiar with the following saying?

Sow a thought, reap an action
sow an action, reap a habit
sow a habit, reap a character
sow a character, reap a destiny


One single thought can be vital to finding peace. Capturing one’s thoughts is essential in guarding one’s mind from going down a negative path. When I find myself heading down a negative thought process and I become aware of it I have a little mantra I repeat to myself, “Take your thoughts captive, old girl!

Of course, I didn’t come to this knowledge on my own. And, it has taken a lifetime to put into practice this principle and, believe me,  I am far from mastering it. The apostle Paul knew that our thought life was vital to finding peace. He exhorts us in the Good Book to guide and guard our thoughts.

“Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things'”
Philippians 4:8

Counting things in my life I can be thankful for daily is one more step I am using to help me guard my thoughts and take them captive. I have not been sharing them as frequently with you as I once did but I reached the halfway point to ONE THOUSAND this week so thought I would share. Counting to 1000 is my goal and my hope is that it will be a well ingrained habit by the time I reach the end.  I’ve enjoyed this Joy Dare 2012 journey.

Three Gifts of Remembrance
483. The service of all U.S. military veterans who have fought for our freedom.
484. Remembrance Day (Armistice Day) celebrated in other parts of the world marking the anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended World War 1.
485. Remembering my husband’s grandfather who fought in that war.

486. A beautiful drive to knit with new friends who share my faith, my heart soars at the beauty in the vistas around me and I am so thankful for where I live and these new friends.
487. A town 15 minutes away that sits high in the mountains towering over some of them at 9438 feet, a town where the city charter allows donkeys to roam through its streets.
488. Knitting in a church that has ministered to saints for more than a century and being blessed to participate in one of its ministries, a prayer shawl ministry.

489. Puppy naps.
490. Prayer that perfumes every relationship.
491. Thinking hard on D. L. Moody’s words, “…it is your duty not only to be good, but to shine…even in your deepest griefs, rejoice in God. As waves phosphoresce, let joys flash from the swing of the sorrows of your soul.”

Three Hard Eucharisteos
492. Not being there when her first teeth come in but thankful for text messages and pictures.
493. Watching pain that age brings to my parents’ bodies but knowing they have set their eyes on heaven and will endure.
494. Missing my daughter who lives far away but knowing praying for her is sometimes better than being there.

Three Gifts of Laughter I am thankful for-
495. when a man sees me spinning brown roving with my drop spindle and stops to ask if I’m fixing a run in my nylons
496. when I read that people are hoarding Twinkies
497. when the timer on Catch Phrase starts ticking faster and faster and faster

Thankful for the gifts of
498. the geese flying in for a landing on the pond
499. the pups exploring a huge fenced in yard where they can run crazy-wild
500. acorns in my hand bringing back childhood memories of warm gingerbread and pretending the acorns were brown people with funny hats on their heads

501. and once again, acorns but this time reminding me that my Heavenly Father keeps me in the palm of His hand
502. this moment, this place – right where I’m supposed to be
503. dog snuggled at my feet and the steady breathing of hubby beside me


Counting my blessings on the Monday of Thanksgiving week on a Journey of JOY.

Joy Dare ~ Week 22

I have been saturating myself in the immutability of God this week, He never changes.

His strong love stands like a granite rock – unmoved by the hurricanes of our iniquities.

Living in the Rocky Mountains, I see the grandest of rocks,  there is a reason the Rocky Mountains are called ‘Rocky.’  Granite surrounds me and it hasn’t gone anywhere and isn’t going to go anywhere, it is solid and strong – majestic, towering over us in undeniable strength and beneath our feet solid and strong.

God is unchanged in His love.  He loves me as much now as He did when He first wrote the covenant that meant His Son must die, the covenant that meant He must send His Son down to the earth to bleed and die.

How thankful I am that His love towards me has not changed and never will change.  Just as He was mercifully patient with Israel in light of their history of rebellion for the sake of a covenant promise to the patriarchs, so He is mercifully patient with me.

When I ride on storm tossed seas I can cast my anchor onto the Solid Rock and relish in the glorious truth that His character changes not.  

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)

And so the 2012 Joy Dare continues ….

359. Black-eyed peas and cornbread made in my grandmother’s cast iron skillet for sunshine daughter.
360. Watching Sherlock Holmes together.
370. Sharing in her enthusiasm over her new Chaco sandals.

371. An overwhelming project finally done.
372. A freshly painted room.
373. Sunshine daughter’s determination to finish the task at hand well.

374. Sunshine daughter living within driving distance so we can see her often.
375. Hubby conducting a silly restaurant survey with us showing favorite percentages.
376. Walking around the Denver Botanical Gardens on a pleasant Sunday afternoon.

377. Husband  and sunshine daughter working together to put an air conditioner in her window.
378. Me telling sunshine daughter  I love her gladiolas and sunshine daughter  replying back, ‘Mom, they are all wilted’ and us laughing together.
379. Her house cooling down ten degrees with the new air conditioner.

380. Stamen and pistils.
381. The creativity of God in the vast variety of flowers surrounding us.
382. Time to slow down and enjoy the beauty around me.

Three Gifts Blue
384. iPhoto notes in a blue spiral notebook
385. Blue Moleskins waiting to be filled with words
387. Three skeins of blue yarn to be knit into three different projects this summer.

388. After two failed attempts at other patterns, thankful to have found a third knitting pattern that works, It’s Time for Tea!
389. Thankful for crackling thunderstorms in the mountains reminding me that He is my Refuge in any storm.
390. Thankful for aching shoulders to remind me to not only pace myself but to seek refuge.

The Lord is good,

A stronghold in the day of trouble,

And He knows those who take refuge in Him.  (Nahum 1:7)

391. Buzzing bees captured digitally at the Botanical Garden in all their busy work.
391. Marveling at the Creator’s pollination plan!
392. Finding the exact flowers at a local nursery, planting them with great expectations.

393. Thankful for those who have served to protect my freedom.
394. Thankful for the freedom to worship as I choose.
395. Thankful for the country I live in and the countless liberties I have because I live in a democracy.

Joining many today on Multitudes on Monday to count our many wonderful blessings.

JoY Dare ~ Week 20

Joy is a function of gratitude and gratitude is a function of perspective. Counting gifts has changed my perspective on how I even look at each and every day. I continue my journey to count One Thousand Gifts in 2012……..

20120521-084001.jpg352. A gift in a box – chocolate cake mix, because he has wanted one for so long and how can I say ‘no’ when he stands before me with the box in his hand like a little boy?

353. A gift in a bag – Dream in Color Smooshy yarn in a manly color called ‘Jungle Cloud’ and an invitation to camp.

354. Mary Jane Mucklestone’s book, 200 Knitting Motifs, a gift within the pages to knit the sunrise.


355. An unexpected dinner date with my husband on a Friday night.
356. Unexpected, many women showing up to help set up for a church event.
357. Knitting the sunrise into a stocking hat and the unexpected interest from hundreds of knitters around the world.

358. A treehouse built by Dad.
359. Walking on hot cement to the neighborhood swimming pool.
340. Popsicle trucks.
341. Playing in the woods.
342. Necklaces made with clover.
343. Catching bees in jars with my brother.
344. Rollerskating around the block again and again and again and stopping only to tighten my skate with the key around my neck.
345. Playing hide and seek with the neighborhood kids until our mothers called us in for the night.
346. The Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew and Trixie Belton.
347. Warm gingerbread.
348. Fireflies.
349. Six Flags -The Runaway Mine Train, Pink Things and ice cold watermelon.
350. Drive-in theaters.

20120521-085737.jpg351. Pearls gleaned from a guest speaker at church.
352. A new way learned to dissect truth.
353. Seeing that her struggle is the same as someone close to me and consequently gaining new insight into that relationship.

354. His promise remembered in a beautiful rainbow right off my deck pointing to blue sky.


355. My husband and his love of Mountain Burgers.


356. Laughing with my husband and daughter as we watch our dogs playing together at a dog park.
357. A daddy/daughter movie and frozen custard date.
358. Staying up late with daughter when she spends the night and laughing as her golden retriever controls my Westie with his four paws as she climbs all over him.

Joining with many others today as we count a multitude of blessings on a Monday.

Joy Dare ~ Week 19


333. The sun setting on the lake and illuminating the tall grass.
334. The heavenly smell of gardenias.
335. The funny-sunny faces of Black-Eyed Susans, petals weathered from last year’s drought.

336. Thankful for the warning bark of my West Highland Terrier.
337. Thankful my Westie wasn’t bit when she discovered a snake coiled in the gardenia bush.
338. Thankful I was out of range when the snake struck towards me, the enemy.


339. My mother’s Christmas decorations inside a closet bringing a happy remembrance of family gatherings.
340. Five years of a boy’s life inside a closet ,thankful the seed has been planted and he is away from the peer pressure that was destroying him.
341. Empty space inside a closet waiting for our imminent return to care for Papaw.

The night following the snake strike brought with it a great fear of the dark. I did not want to turn off the light and postponed it as long as possible. The image of that serpent’s head as it struck towards me was seared in my brain and I knew that the minute my eyelids closed I would see it vividly.

Through the years, as trials have come my way and as I have matured in my faith, the fears in my life have diminished proportionally because the Lord has always carried me through.  But one fear has remained – the fear of  SNAKES, that adrenaline pumping, heart stopping fear . This fear has been with me from childhood and has caused me all sorts of embarrassment in social settings. Trust me, you don’t want to be with me if I have a snake encounter!

But on the night of this last snake encounter and before I turned off the light for the night thoughts about the Garden of Eden, the Fall of Man and the subsequent consequences of that fall were mingled in with images of the snake from earlier that day.

I remembered what the Lord God said to the serpent,

Because you have done this,

Cursed are you more than all cattle,

And more than every beast of the field;

On your belly you will go,

And dust you will eat all the days of your life;

After cursing the physical serpent, God turned to the spiritual serpent, the lying seducer Satan and cursed him.

And I will put entity

Between you and the woman,

And between your seed and her seed;

He shall bruise you on the head,

And you shall bruise him on the heel.”

I’ve read the passage so many times that its words were seared on my brain, too….just like the snakes image.  A message of hope shone forth in the midst of this curse passage. The woman’s offspring being Christ will one day defeat that serpent of old . Satan can only “bruise” Christ’s heel, surely not a fatal blow which he did when he caused Christ to suffer.  But on the other hand Christ will bruise Satan’s head by destroying him with a fatal blow on the head.

So as I pondered these verses in those moments when I feared turning out the light, I realized that just as the victory has already been won in the finished work of the cross, I could also have victory in my immediate life with this phobia.  Recalling the events -that five foot snake in the gardenia bush was curled up tight but it was with very little effort that my husband was able to pull it out of that bush and deliver a fatal blow to its head. A new image replaced the old in my mind and  I turned off the lights. Darkness enveloped me and I discovered gifts in the dark …..and looking at the moon outside my window I practiced memory verses until my eyelids grew heavy with sleep…….

342. Christ’s victory over Satan by the finished work of the cross.
343. The hidden Word of God in my heart can crowd out fearful images as I review those verses until my eyes are too heavy to remain open.
344. Perfect love casts out fear and He will take this phobia from me, and did.
345. The steady breathing of my husband sleeping beside me and a warm Westie curled at my feet, reminders of God’s protection.

346. Integrity and faith in God.
347. A love that bears all things, hopes all things, believes all things and never seeks its own.
348. Warmth and security.

20120514-111055.jpgTHREE GIFTS HELD IN MY HAND
349. Wool and Addi Lace Needles – thankful for the many hours in the car that I was able to knit on the Haruni shawl as we drove home.

350. My new “berry” colored Bible that the husband claims is really, really “pink” – a perfect size for my hands.
351. My first card from my first grandbaby girl waiting in the mailbox for me along with a card from my daughter and a very special photo book she made just for ‘Gran’.



352. My cheerleader for fifty-six years, always my encourager.

353. A friend who always listens to my joys, my woes and my deepest of ponderings.

354. The sacrificial life of a mother always lived out before me, always an example to me.

Following the many who are on this Joy Dare 2012 and discovering the gifts surrounding us, the wonderful gifts given to us by the One who loves us beyond measure.

Joy Dare ~ Week 17

The Lord takes pleasure in his people.” Psalm 149:4

There is nothing that concerns our welfare which is not important to him!

I’m thankful for His Word which reminds me that, “the very hairs of my head are numbered.”  And it reminds me that “the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord; and he delights in His way.”  The reminder that every hair on my head is numbered leaves me confident that Jesus cares about even the trivial things in my life because if he knows the details of my hair he, likewise knows the details of my life.

Some may read this and be skeptical, some may believe in God but think of him as the ‘Deity’ who set things in motion but is not involved in the lives of men on an intimate level while others may think he is only involved in the ‘big’ moments of life.  Not me.  I believe that the breadth of his tender love stretches to even the smallest interests of all His saints.

With this confidence as my presupposition, I am able to turn to Him in all matters.  When I am afflicted I know that He feels that affliction and takes pity on me as a father takes pity upon a troubled child.  He comprehends all my concerns and I am unable to measure the love of Christ.  Oh the breadth of that love!  His goodness is unsearchable.  His great love has brought me – justification, adoption, sanctification and eternal life!

What should my response be to love such as this?  It is not as it should be.

In return for this love I often give him only half of my heart and a cold love.  My response in prayer is fainthearted.  My acknowledgment of his many gifts to me is tardy.  Instead, the ink should be flowing freely from my pen it scratches out a pitifully short list.  This same pen should be writing continually throughout the day with ceaseless praise and thanksgiving.

I am not a desolate wanderer but a beloved child of God,

watched over,

cared for,

supplied for

and protected.

Oh my soul, awaken to the eucharisteos around me, tune thy harp to a glad song of thanksgiving!


295. The dance of a young friend, blessing many.
296. Time spent with her mother, my sweet friend for eternity.
297. Hugs from her son who wanted to stay in the room to just to listen to my voice.

298. A dandelion head, so delicate that a slight breeze or a child’s breath upon it and it will be no more.
299. Each breath we take, each breath we exhale a fragile gift from Him.
300. My emotions when I’m tired, but always thankful that I have joys and sorrows.

301. The inside of a flower, so beautiful, and another clever design of our Creator-God.
302. Fabric on bags inspiring me to make a few of my own.
303. Lavender starting to grow in my flower bed, the wonderful smell when I brush my fingers along the leaves.

304. The sunlight reflecting through pressed leaves reminding me of the Creator.
305. Light reflecting off a crystal bowl, mesmerized by the work of man’s hands albeit imperfect in comparison.
306. My daughter reflecting His love to her patients, her gift of mercy developing with the passage of time.

307. A beautiful sunrise, another reason to give thanks, the beginning of a year of sunrises photographed and the start of a Sunrise Scarf.

308. Waterproof fabric chairs in my special corner.
309. Steel nursing scissors perfect for cutting steeks.
310. Wooden bookshelves housing my many friends and many adventures within the leaves of these pages.

311. Rain clouds moving in to drench the parched earth – the smell of rain, the sound of thunder and the flash of lightening.

“For he makes the sun rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and unjust.” (Matthew 5:45)


Three Gifts ‘Ugly Beautiful’
313. Love bears all things.
314. Love endures all things.
315. Love does not take into account a wrong suffered.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Joining this morning in the multitudes of thanksgiving with many others……….

Joy Dare ~ Week 16

Eucharisteo is how Jesus shows us how to fully live – take all as grace, give thanks for all and all transforms into joy. EUCHARISTEO!”

THREE HARD Eucharisteos
235. One causing me to pray that tough love will awaken him.
236. One helping me to understand that the Lord may have a different path for each of us and we must trust Him to guide those we love and give grace.
237. One causing me to cling to promise that He is faithful and will complete what He starts in us.

       and how wonderful it was to see this month….

238. ….That a hard eucharisteo from a few months back turned out to be perfect timing for all of us. Solio deo Gloria!
239. Thankful for sweet baby smiles to wake up to in my email inbox

and videos capturing the newborn sounds she makes and the way her cheek curves when a smile lights up her face.

240. For the encouragement of my knitting buddies to get some lingering projects finished this month.

knitting peer pressure can be a good thing!

282. Knitting triangles into squares and enjoying every stitch.
283. Three square meals a day when so many in the world are hungry.
284. Finding a needed T-Square I used in college.

285. A gift stilled – the fear of death.
Like the boat tossed on a stormy sea that came immediately to land when Jesus said, ‘Peace, be STILL’ so my heart is stilled when I think of death.

I am confident that there is not a long period intervening between the instant of death and the eternity of glory. When that appointed time comes and my eyes close on this earth, they will open in heaven. Absent from the body, present with the Lord.

286. Stashed – hand knit socks in a drawer, one drawer of many.

       ………… for a girl never knows when her toes might be cold.

287. Stacked – commandments in the book of Joshua stacked one upon another –
To love the Lord your God
To walk in all his ways
To keep his commandments
To cling to him and

To serve him with all your heart and soul

Living Coram Deo

288. Thankful my Westie didn’t sink but learned how to swim today with Kappy, her golden retriever buddy.

So silly proud of her!

289. Thankful for a weekend spent in Denver with my daughter.
290. Laughing at our dogs playing.
291. Playing with our cameras.
292. Watching a movie, delighting in yogurt combinations and eating at Chipotles, always a priority.

293. Thankful that Denver is only a couple hours away and we have those special times together.

294. And always, always thankful for The Word of God.

“All flesh is like grass

and all its glory like the flower of grass.

The grass withers,

and the flower falls,

but the word of the Lord remains forever.”  (1 Peter 1:23-24)

Joining in the multitude of others on the journey to joy, four months in and marveling –