Episode 8 is Up!

In which the Mum tells the story of the Guernsey Potato Peel Hat and talks of other knitting adventures.



Cheshire Stripe Sock

My rendition of the ever popular scrappy sock pattern is the Cheshire Stripe Sock.  I love the look of a scrappy sock but hate weaving in all those ends so instead pick only four colors to knit with…..fewer ends to deal with!

This pattern is written for both the Magic Loop method and for double point needles. It is a top down pattern with an afterthought heel. I’ve added a link in the pattern to my YouTube video on how to knit jogless stripes.


The individual pattern price is $2.50 but comes as a freebie if you sign up for the 2018 Wonderland Sock Club that I mentioned in my last post.  I hope you consider joining us next year as we knit six fun patterns.


Wonderland Sock (first club sock)



IMG_1890 2

Wonderland Sock Club (6 patterns plus 2 bonus patterns)


Wonderland Club 2018

Pre-sales for the Wonderland Club have begun.  There will be six sock designs in this club all designed around Lewis Carroll’s book, Alice in Wonderland.  This is an eclectic selection of socks designed specifically to help you grow your knitting knitting skills.  They include tips I’ve picked up along my own sock journey as well as things I’ve learned as I’ve worked my way through the Master Knitting Program …… still doing that…..focus Becky…..the end is in sight.

You have already seen glimpses of the first sock which is something I think sweet little Alice would have worn when she tumbled down that rabbit hole.  I’ve picked a very easy lace pattern which should not scare even the most novice of sock knitters.  I’ll add short tutorial clips with each pattern release to help you along the way or down the rabbit hole if you please.

IMG_1890 2

Because our needles get full throughout the year and calendars get cluttered I have decided the patterns will be released every two weeks.  The designs are finished but will not show up in your e-book until I click the ‘activate’ button.

The Wonderland Club will be on sale for $10.00 until December 22 when the first pattern is activated.  After that it will go up to $12.00.  If you don’t want to gamble when you haven’t seen all the designs, and who blames you, each pattern will be released individually for $2.50.

IMG_1890 2

I hope you can come join us!

Bonus Cheshire Stripe Sock for early-bird sign ups. This pattern is great for those scrappy leftovers. I’m planning on making one sock a month in 2018 using this pattern – all in different colors. The tip I’ve shared in this pattern is how to work a jogless stripe.  There is also an afterthought heel and there will be how-to photos in the pattern. It will be added to the ebook bundle next week after I’ve had a photo shoot.