Knit the Classics

Knit the Classics

This looks very tempting! It seems you read a classic book each month and then knit something, using your own ingenuity, that represents the book. The book they are reading for April is MOLL FLANDERS by Daniel Defoe.

Reading classics and knitting — my two favorite hobbies combined!

Writing All Day with Knitting Breaks

I worked all day yesterday, from 9 to 9, writing three days of study for Overflowing with Joy. I also designed the cover for it which I am quite pleased with. This study definitely has the “pretty” pages that we ladies appreciate as well as “meat” on those pretty pages.

Yes! That is a popcorn bowl on the table — my staple food.

To stay on schedule, I must write one week each week for the next seven weeks. We will be starting in June. I believe we will be doing the study in the morning followed by lunch, and hopefully, our KNITTING CIRCLE in the afternoon!

Speaking of knitting, I took numerous breaks yesterday to knit my Denmark sock for the KOTR Knitalong. Because of the bright colors and the timing of the year, I’m calling mine EASTER EGG Denmark! This yarn is fun to knit with. I completed the cuff and finished the heel-flap. This morning I will turn the heel and start the gusset decreases.

TOO EARLY For The Crags

Allison was home last week for Spring Break and she wanted to do some hiking. It wasn’t too horribly cold so we thought we would hike the Crags. On our way over, Don discovered he had forgotten his wallet and so he pulled over to let Allison drive…..she barely knows how to drive a clutch! He wanted me to drive but I left my driver’s license at home, too! Are we getting forgetful, or what?

The higher we drove in elevation, the icier and more snow-packed the roads became. I started to picture us going over a cliff with no identification to identify our poor frozen bodies come spring thaw!

We ended up parking down from the trailhead because the car couldn’t make it up to the parking area. Don, being the trailblazer that he is, blazed on ahead while Allison and I gingerly picked our footing on the ice-packed trail. It wasn’t long before our common sense told us it was foolish to continue. We took our disappointed college girl in tow back to the car but did get several lovely pics before heading home.

The Victors

Jennifer is on the cover of a book! One of our close friends is an artist and illustrates books. When Jennifer was home over Christmas, he took some pictures of her to use on the cover of this soon to be released book – The Victors, by Jack Cavenaugh. This book is only one in the series. It is about an American family through the generations and this one is about WW2.

It is a strange feeling to see this picture. She has never worn her hair like this before…..but, what a thrill to see her in this picture. I’m sure we will buying several copies of the book..LOL

A Swatchin We Will Go

A cold day, a warm fire, 2 sticks and a ball……

My Peruvian Highland yarn in “russet” arrived yesterday from Elann and I immediately started swatching for the FLAK sweater. Swatching is a tedious task and I usually avoid it but NOT THIS TIME.

I swatched the Moss Filler Stitch on size 7 (4.5mm) needles yesterday. This morning I gave it a cold water delicate wash in the machine and laid it out on a towel to dry. It has only been drying an hour and I can tell already it is GROWING! And ‘this is why we swatch’ I tell my reluctant fingers! I guess this will be a great day to swatch….I’ll start the next swatch on my new rosewood size 6 (4.25mm) needles. I’m hoping I will get gauge on these beauties because they are a pure pleasure to hold.

It is sooooooo cold outside! Check out the themometer. We just had a light dusting of snow last night but the windchill is a killer!

My Cascade 220 in Amethyst is supposed to be arriving soon. I couldn’t decide betweeen the two most popular yarns for the FLAK knitalong so, of course, yours truely had to buy both of them. I’m excited about knitting this Aran sweater in installments. I don’t think it will be a problem that I’m a latecomer to the knitalong for I’m hoping to catch up.

Valentines Liner for Valentine Socks

I made an adorable Valentine liner for my Longaberger Small Boardwalk basket this morning. This is one of my “knitting project” baskets and is currently holding Jennifer’s Valentine socks. I thought it fitting to make a themed liner for the basket. I’d like to show you the socks but……shhhh…they are a surprise.

Deadlines Lurk

Well, all three of my sock knitalongs end tomorrow and I only have one sock knit for each! Guess I won’t make any of the deadlines. When asking dh this weekend about how I could de-stress my life, the first thing he suggested was to only do one knitalong instead of three. Of course, he has an unfinished pair of socks that he keeps asking about. And, of course, I continue to tell him “I can’t finish them until I get these sockS done for my knitalongs!

Oh my ……. this gorgeous yarn arrived today a…

Oh my ……. this gorgeous yarn arrived today and I can’t stop touching it! My mom has requested a Christmas scarf for Christmas 2006 and she chose the one on the front cover of Knitting on the Edge by Nicky Epstein.

The yarn called for in the pattern was pure cashmere at $28 a skein and the scarf calls for six skeins.

I found this Debbie Bliss Chunky Cashmerino as a substitute. The price is better and it does have some cashmere in it and it feels as soft as cashmere to me! It also has the same stitch guage as the one in the pattern.

It is just begging to be chosen as the Olympic contender for the 2006 Knitting Olympics. Mmmmmmmm…..will it be chosen?


In the spirit of the 2006 Olympics, I signed up for the 2006 Knitting Olympics this morning. Yes, I know. ANOTHER knitalong!

The rules are pretty simple. You cast on February 10th during the Opening Ceremonies and you finish before the Olympic flame goes out February 26. That is 16 days to do a project of your choice. The project should be somewhat of a challenge to you …. possibly at a new skill level, or perhaps a push to make within the 16 day time period. If you are curious to see what other people are kntting you can click on the Olympic button on my sidebar. By the way, these knitters are from all over the world so they will be rooting for other countries.

I haven’t quite decided what my Olympic challenge will be. I have been inspired by some of these FUN buttons created by Rose Kim Knits (Jessica):

Some options for me:
1. Knit the next Folk Sock Knitalong soon to be selected. It looks like the winner of the current poll will be using a fair isle technique.

2. Knit the next Vintage Sock Knitalong which is sure to be a lace sock.

3. Knit the Irish Scarf Knitalong scarf …. I’ve had the yarn and haven’t been able to get around to it.

4. Knit a pair of Whitby Socks (KOTR) in patriotic (USA) colors.

Hmmmmmm…..what to do?