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Hey friends!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.  My name is Rebecca and I am excited to have you here.  I hope to inspire and motivate you to explore fiber as a way to open up the creative you that lurks within.  And if you don’t want to pick up a pair of knitting needles right now, well, that is just fine but I hope that someday you do try it.

My interests are amateur photography, traveling, history and all things fiber.  A camera accompanies me everywhere I go taking snapshots of this wild adventure we call life. Living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado gives me plenty photographic opportunities.  I once knit nine months of Colorado Sunrises into a hat.

Fiber?  I love dyeing it, spinning it and creating lovely things from it with my needles.  I also dabble a little bit with weaving.  You will find all kinds of fiber pictures here on this blog and adventures with other fiber friends.

Another passion of mine is traveling so you will find those tales within these pages, like The Story of an Irish Harp.   The historian/teacher in me enjoys giving glimpse of life in bygone days so those threads are woven into the tapestry of this blog.  And my particular level of interest is knitting as it ties in with history.

I am working through the Master Hand Knitting Program to become a Master Knitter upon completion.  The standards of the program are high and meant to push every knitter to learn and improve.  I share with my readers some of the things I’ve learned because I want to encourage YOU to improve your knitting skills.  So, I suppose my blog is a bit of an educational journal for knitters.

Although I learned as a child to knit, I only ‘rediscovered’ it when my daughters went away to college and I suddenly found my nest empty.  I read an article in some home magazine about finding creative ‘outlets’ to relieve stress.  One of the outlets they mentioned was knitting and sited that knitting socks were a small portable project to carry around with you.  I tried it and was SMITTEN.  So now I hope to SMITE you with that same early enthusiasm that I once experienced!

My love of hand knit socks continues to reign supreme.  I share project details here on the blog like the lovely Pussy Willow Socks.  I sometimes design patterns and host knitalongs like the ever-popular Mirkwood Socks.  We had great fun knitting those!

I hope you will subscribe to my blog and we can get to know each other!

Kind regards,

Rebecca (aka socks-for-mum)

15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I found your blog through Ravelry (but of course!) and I really enjoy
    reading it. You were very kind to respond when I asked (can’t remember now what it was) about the Innishmore sweater about 2 weeks
    ago. You are very thoughtful and I appreciated your remarks. Now
    I am finding a fascination with Alice Starmore’s Oregon Sweater and
    I am wondering if you have been knitting fair isle for long and if
    you had any classes in technique. I have done a little fair isle and
    I am self taught. Also, when you ordered the yarn which is absolutely
    gorgeous and I can’t praise it enough, did you use an American credit
    card? I have never ordered from abroad and I wasn’t exactly sure what
    to do.
    We have 6 children and 10 grandchildren now so I don’t get to knit
    as much a I would like to but I have been knitting for years and belong
    to a wonderful knitting group here in the Raleigh, NC area.
    Thank you for sharing your projects, tips, and help.

  2. A season of devouring Jane Austen…I’m still there!!! 🙂 I love your blog! You sound like an awesome “mum”!

  3. I found your blogsite by happy accident. You are being knitted into my friendship…I find myself wishing I was near enough to sit and knit, and have a cuppa tea. Thank you for your warm and welcoming site. I loved your story about the snake in the gardenia…but how does one get a gardenia to grow in the Rockies?

  4. What a beautiful blog! I wandered over here from the Stranded forum on Ravelry (LOVE your sunrise fair isle idea!) I look forward to reading more, and seeing what else is on your needles.

  5. Hi Rebecca:
    Nice meeting you & Pat today at Starbucks. Thanks for all the information; look forward to trying a pair of chili pepper Socks.
    Nice blog site and I’ll be checking in often.
    Have a blessed week.

    • Hi Julie,
      Nancy told me you lived in Salida for part of the year. We started in Buena Vista when we moved to Colorado in 1992 so I am very familiar with your world around there. We now live half-way between Florissant and Cripple Creek, 9,035 ft. elevation. Are you going to the Salida Wool Festival in the fall? My knitting buddies and I plan on going. Your sister is one talented lady! Do you share the same talent?
      Thanks for stopping by,

  6. Hi Rebecca, I have heard several podcasters say they knit x number of rows for the cuff, x number of rows for the leg, etc. Could you explain how to determine and keep up with the number of rows knitted. One podcaster said she used a progress keeper. How do you keep up with the number of rows? Do you use a row counter? I can’t decide how I am to keep up with the number of my rows.

    • I’m old school and use an old-fashioned ruler. 🙂 I think a lot of podcasters use clip on pins like safety pins and put one every ten rows. They have pre-determined from a sock they knit earlier on the length they prefer and then counted out those rows. That way they know their socks are exactly identical. I’m more relaxed about it ….. I know I like a 7″ cuff and just measure with my tape measure. Progress keepers are a relatively new thing and knitters use them for a variety of things. Some podcasters place them in their work after they podcast so they can tell you how much they accomplished after their last podcast. Sock knitters use them as I explained above. I hope that helps.

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