Matilda Hornbuckle

I don’t typically decorate with seasonal cross-stitch but I do believe I have been bitten by the bug thanks to the FlossTube community. Last year I stitched Brew Ha Ha by Plum Street Samples. It was a freebie on Paulette’s blog site. This year I stitched Matilda Hornbuckle which is designed by Notforgotten Farms. She reminds me of ‘there was an old woman who lived in a shoe …..’ only Matilda is not an old woman, she is a pumpkin head person.

Click here for the Brew Ha Ha pattern.

I must admit that I am not overly fond of stitching witches or scary things but I do like these pumpkin people! I stitched Matilda on 18 count Star Aida I found in Hobby Lobby. It has a green glitter thread running through it which gives Matilda a bit of sparkle. The pattern has a border on it but I had to eliminate it so that Matilda could fit in this fun Pumpkin Frame that I also found at Hobby Lobby. I used all the called for DMC. The button I used is the kind you can cover yourself.

You can find the pattern for MATILDA HORNBUCKLE here at the Notforgotten Farm Etsy Shop. I believe she is even on sale right now. Lori Brechlan has cute patterns, including some free hand embroidery that I would like to try my hand at some day.

My plan is to add 1-2 seasonal pieces for each season going forward. Here is my October Focus Board. Now that Matilda is finished I have deleted her from my board …. and then there were five.

I’ve longed admired Penny Autumn by Plum Street Samplers and put the first stitches in yesterday. It will hang nicely beside some other Plum Street houses. I’m sort of making a little village and all the houses are on Plum Street.

Life update:

  • packing the house up is arduous. I’ve packed five boxes in my fiber room and two boxes in my sewing room with many left to go.
  • leaves are falling even though the days are mild in East Texas
  • the roofers still have not come to fix the roof and it is a condition in our contract on the house
  • the closing is in five days

Things today I am thankful for:

  • the black crows under the pear tree
  • fallen pears for them, God’s provision
  • the beautiful sparkling water on the back pond, every afternoon

One thought on “Matilda Hornbuckle

  1. Oh Becky, I am so happy to see you posting photos and thoughts and I so miss a good blog to read!
    Really sweet that you are moving forward with your move, it sounds as if there is hardly even a slim chance of backing out now, and that means you’ll be in Colorado soon for good. I have related to you as a crafting mountain person, and so I feel a friend has come back into my fold, even though its all virtual, so silly. But I know you’re happy about that. I hope you burst into productivity and focusing on your Focus Boards this Autumn!
    Here I have packed the car twice, as we watch the threat of still another wildfire in our county. Will it never end? Probably not, but I can dream of Autumn and rain and knitting, quilting, & maybe even cross-stitching a pumpkin or two (I got a hold of Boo To You by Brenda G.) Here’s to mountains, and pumpkins and a heart that is full!

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