Seasonal Stitching |Salute to Abigail

I have missed writing posts for this blog.  In the last few years trends have shifted to video blogging which I’ve tried my hand at.  I seem to procrastinate when it comes to keeping a regular schedule with it.  It is far easier to sit down with my laptop and type out my thoughts and share a few photos.


My new rotating schedule for cross stitch is working well for me.  Fridays have been set aside for ‘Seasonal Stitching’.  Last night (after midnight) I pulled out a WIP that I started last year called Salute to Abigail which is a pattern found in the Blackbird Designs book called Sweet Land of Liberty.

il_300x300.1776677405_v14cThis is a very nice booklet and I want to stitch all five patriotic patterns in it.  Tomorrow my friend Christine is starting the design on the front of the book for one of her Maynia 2020 starts and I told her I would work on mine with her.  After tomorrow ends I will have two patriotic designs underway.

Here is Abigail Adams.  I don’t recall the linen I’m working on but since I’m stitching 2/2 I assume it is a 32 count.  Instead of using the called for fancy flosses I am using DMC, good old DMC.


Here is the beginning of Salute to Abigail.  Don’t you love the shades of blue with the red and the white?

Betsy Ross Thread Keep

I’ve made a charming floss ring with an old portrait of Betsy Ross in it.  It will be my patriotic floss ring this year as there are several upcoming patriotic pieces I can’t wait to stitch.

Wondering what this piece will look like when it is finished?  Here is a photo from the book:


I hope you all are doing well during this uncertain time in the world.  The pandemic has altered every single human being’s life.  Find solace in a creative outlet so you can create beauty in a darker time.  We will get through this.  We will persevere.  Take care, stay safe and stitch on ( or knit on, or quilt on or……)

If you like the thread keep I made and want one for your own patriotic pieces it is available here with the touch of a button.  The cost is $12 + $3 shipping.

One thought on “Seasonal Stitching |Salute to Abigail

  1. Becky, I’m so happy to see your blog back in action! I think the blogs must feel too old-school for so many, for the youtube world has devoured all the best bloggers and spit out the bones. But not you, at last you’re back, and I will now enjoy to the max. Thank you! xx

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