Floss Tube #2

What is all this ‘FLOSS TUBE’ about you may ask.  My knitting has been put on hiatus (or near hiatus) while I work through some issues with my neck.  Not being able to do something I love, I searched about for some other craft I could do to fill the void and rediscovered my love of stitching.

There is an amazing community of stitchers on YouTube that are called ‘floss tubers’ and I have jumped into their circle.  I still talk about knitting in these podcasts but is like seasoning sprinkled on food.  I mostly share the new projects I have immersed myself into stitched on linen.

For those waiting for Wonderland Club sock releases —- stay tuned — I have not forgotten — they will come in a few months when I am able to spend time at the computer free of pain. xx

One thought on “Floss Tube #2

  1. Sorry to hear about your neck. I have neck issues too and found I could no longer use a regular mouse. That simple movement irritated a bad disc. So I switched to a track ball mouse and neck is no longer irritated. Don’t know if you have the same issue but thought I’d mention it. Hope you get better soon!

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