Sleepy Kitty

When I saw the Sleepy Kitty set in Making Magazine I knew I needed to knit it for my granddaughter.


Susan B. Anderson, the brilliant designer behind knitted toys, designed this special kitty who comes with her own sleep sack.


I had a blast knitting Sleepy Kitty.


She is knit with some super soft acrylic yarn I bought at JoAnn Fabrics just in case ‘real’ wool is too scratchy for granddaughter.  And also, just in case Sleepy Kitty needs a bath at some point.


I obviously had a bit of fun posing Sleepy Kitty in various sleep positions.  I noticed she seems to have the similar sleep habits to my own.


I especially love the whiskers on Sleepy Kitty, don’t you?

6 thoughts on “Sleepy Kitty

  1. Hi Becky~ I know this post is more than a year old, but I’ve been reading through your blog lately and miss your posts. Is there another blog you started that maybe I don’t know about? Incidentally, I see nothing wrong with claiming the Rockies as your own forever, and knitting in them, even if living temporarily elsewhere. I think you moved to Texas about the time our house burned down in 2017, and I’m still waiting, dreaming to ‘ go home ‘ , although we live in a tiny house on the property. I just lost track of you during that time. But wanted to let you know I’m lurking back in the archives. I’m looking for inspiration!

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