Friday Spin Along

Friday Spin Along

Welcome to Friday Spin Along!  I will be hosting this link party throughout Tour de Fleece 2016 so feel free to link up anytime during that period.

Today I am spinning some lovely Spruce Dragon, LLC Blue Faced Leicester fiber. It is 75% Blue Faced Leicester and 25% Tussah Silk and is just splendid to the touch.  Jan Seltman, the owner, used to spin with us all the time until she moved to the other side of the mountain.    A couple years ago, at one of our all day spin-ins, she taught me how to spin silk on the fold.  Last summer we spun at her house and I shared photos with you of her incredible dyeing studio and the amazing projects on her loom.

Tour de Fleece 2016 starts tomorrow and I am prepping fiber.  I have two goals for this tour.  My first goal is t0  finish up the Spruce Dragon fiber that is on my wheel and to ply it.  Two bobbins already await plying and there are two more yet to spin.

Spruce Dragon, LLC

Schacht Lazy KateMy second goal is to spin the lovely Tour de Fleece 2016 Three Waters Farm braid I posted about earlier this week.  With this, I’ve decided to spin long stretches of color which will most likely be knit into stripes on a pair of socks.  This afternoon I am separating the colors into piles and then I will weigh each color and divide it into half.  I will spin each half and then ply the two halves together into a 2-ply.

Three Waters Farms

My assistants:

My Schacht Matchless

Bliss: complete happiness, great joy, paradise, or heaven.

Jenkins Turkish Delight

Below is a linky list if you’d like to link up and join the Friday Spin Along.
(1) Make sure the link you submit is to the URL of your blog post and not your main blog URL. Please be sure and link to your current Friday Spin Along post, and not a Friday Spin Along post from a previous week.
(2) Include a link back to this post in your blog post or on your so that others who may want to join the Friday Spin Along can find us!
You can also share your Friday Spin Along photos on INSTAGRAM using the hashtag #fridayspinalong to share your spinning photos anytime!

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