You Need to Read Yarn Along

In the TKGA Master Knitting program I have to write a thesis paper on the History of Knitting, pretty daunting right?  The subject of keeping the Great War soldier one has been of particular interest to me.  Well, truth be known, knitting in the American colonies is a pretty interesting topic also.  But today is all about sharing with Ginny’s peeps a book I’m reading and the one I’m reading targets WWI so that is what you will hear about.  Whoa reader!  If you hate history you might as well pass up this blog post, but…..if you are a knitter you just might find this information a little interesting.
Knitting History

Now on this side of the pond, America entered the war in 1917 and I know some folks on the other side of the pond thought we took our sweet time about doing so.  The American Red Cross launched walloping knitting campaigns all across our nation to keep their boys warm on the European front.  The armed forces issued patterns for wool socks, sweaters, scarves, bandages, helmets and wristlets and our womenfolk pulled out their knitting needles to do their part.  The Red Cross also had programs to teach children how to knit so they could help, too.  What do you suppose they started with?  Simple washcloths.

You might begin to wonder if their was a shortage of yarn with so many needles clicking away.  There was.  The War Industries Board issued an order to all American yarn retailers to turn over their entire stock of khaki, gray, heather , natural and white wool to the Red Cross.  Imagine if that happened today.  My goodness……. we are a whining lot these days.

Yarn Along

I continue to research.  There have been knitting campaigns throughout many wars but today’s book is about TOMMY, Knitting for Tommy.  You know who Tommy is right?  He lived  over there in the Empire.

For the Empire and for Freedom we all must do our bit.  The men go forth to battle, the women wait — and knit

I’ve just started reading about Tommy and it promises to be a pretty interesting read.

On my needles today are the last few rows of Morticia….100 beads on each row, sigh….making very slow progress.

6 thoughts on “You Need to Read Yarn Along

  1. I love history and combined with knitting is perfection! So interesting!
    I’ve never knit with beads yet but I’ve almost worked up the gumption a few times so I suspect I will try one of these days soon. Your knitting is beautiful!

    • Thanks, Laura! I am finding the history of knitting fascinating…..and to think I was dreading all this research. Have a fabulous Saturday.

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