Sensational Summer Jubilee Has Arrived

The sensational Summer Jubilee fiber has arrived from Three Waters Farms and it is astoundingly colorful!  My original plan of spinning it six different ways has gone out the back door.  I think my plan needs to be simplified because this braid of fiber needs to become something more than six little squares of fiber.  Don’t you think?
Summer Jubilee

I’m pretty sure the resulting yarn will become a pair of colorful hand knit socks but how shall I prepare this fiber for spinning?  That, my friend, is the question I am pondering.  I could use a little advice.

Tour de Fleece

What do you see when I show you the color repeat that was carefully planned by the dyer?  Do you see a pair of socks with bold stripes?  Do you see them with more mottled with pops of color or something more blended?

And, if you are a spinner, what would YOU do with this?  Fractal?  Split it in half and spin from end to end?  Split in slivers?  So many options.


One thought on “Sensational Summer Jubilee Has Arrived

  1. Oh man, I immediately saw bold stripes. So I guess that would be splitting in half and spinning from end to end.
    I can already see them on your feet Becky….!

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