1 Skein 6 Ways Fiber Challenge

My challenge for Tour de Fleece 2016 is to spin one fiber braid six different ways.  My braid is coming from Three Waters Farm in a color way specially dyed for this years TDF and it is gorgeous.  There are lots of pretty colors in it which will make my spin study all the more exciting for me.

I tend to gravitate towards fractal plying when I spin so this will be a great opportunity to  step outside my comfort zone some.

When my beautiful braid arrives I will split it into 6 equal(ish) parts — it probably won’t be exact — and then I will spin them differently creating six unique mini-skeins from one braid.

With the first three splits I want to preserve the color so will be Navajo plying them after they are spun — I’m not too great at this technique but it really keeps the colors separate.  The second set of splits will be practicing blending colors.  After all six mini skeins have been finished I will knit them into swatches so that you can see how one skein of fiber can look very different simply based on how the fiber is prepared beforehand and plied together.

I’m excited and also a little apprehensive but, you know me – I’m all about learning new things!


There is a certain little Jenkins  Turkish  Delight spindle that will feel very left out if I don’t let her participate in the Tour de Fleece so I went ahead and signed her up on the Jenkins Team.  I’m just not sure where she is hiding right now.

About a third of my house has been packed awaiting a temporary move into a house we have in Texas that we need to get sold.  Our move down has been unexpectedly postponed for a month so I’ll have to go on a spindle hunt to find little Miss Turkish Delight.

If you are a spinner and want to participate in the Tour de Fleece event you can find more information on Ravelry  by clicking HERE.  It will last 12 days starting July 2nd and coincides with the Tour de France.

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4 thoughts on “1 Skein 6 Ways Fiber Challenge

    • I wish you were, too! I think I’ve got it down, I just don’t feel like I’m in as much control. Hey, Coleen and I decided to revamp our Ravelry board – it’s now called Colorado Fiber Artisans and has a sheep badge….too many out in Park county so this might work better.

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