Fantastic Friday Fiber

I’ve missed the last two Friday Fiber events so I was excited to get back together with friends for a bit of spinning and fiber talk.
Friday Fiber 1

One of our members is opening up an eclectic bakery/cafe/art studio/class place in Guffy, a mountain town near me,  and wanted us to be her guinea pigs and we willingly complied.

She made us some delicious scones and Danish pastries – baking is not an easy accomplishment in high elevations but she nailed it.  I neglected to take pictures so you will just have to take my word for it, they were pretty to look at as well as yummy in the tummy.
Friday Fiber

The grand opening is a week or two away.  The logs are still ‘green’ and my friend did not want to wait two years for them to be ‘seasoned’ so they are light colored now but will darken as they age.  The chinking in-between the logs will widen as much as an inch in that time.
Friday Fiber 2

Only one person was knitting today, the rest of us had brought either spinning wheels or spindles.
Friday Fiber 5

It has been months since I have spun so it was nice to feel fiber sliding through my fingers again.  I so enjoy the beauty of all these wheels whirling around while hands gently draft fibers and mouths chatter away.

Friday Fiber 3

When it was my turn during show-and-tell I shared my newest gadget.

This gadget is used for troubadour embroidery but I use it for placing beads in knitted shawls.  It came with three different crochet needle tips so I will be able to use it for cobweb lace, regular lace weight and fingering weight yarns.  What I especially like about it is the location of the screw which serves as a lever when I put my thumb underneath it. This helps me to pivot the tip easier when I slip the bead over the yarn.
I also shared the Mystery Shawl …… more about that in the next post.

It was a happy day.

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