Toasty Toes

It has been a while since I’ve knit a pair of socks for myself.  On a recent trip I wanted to pack light and limited myself to only one small knitting project, a FIRST for me.  I usually take several knitting projects and end up in my travel location lacking proper clothing.  Right?


I wanted something fairly mindless since I would be visiting with family I hadn’t seen in a long time.  The Vanilla Latte Socks answered that prerequisite and the Kaffe Fassett colors kept me knitting away just to see the next color change.


The pattern had an option for my favorite heel, Eye of Partridge, but the instructions were a little unclear to me so I opted for the standard slip stitch heel.  This is probably not an oversight on the designer’s side but, more likely, my own rote memory of knitting the EOP heel with garter stitches on either side as in my Chili Pepper Sock pattern.


It was nice to try another designer’s plain vanilla sock pattern but I think next time I will go back to my tried-and-true Chili Pepper pattern that fits my foot perfectly.  I feel like the toe of this sock does not fit my foot anatomically.

The postman delivered a box full of to-be-knit-in-the-future Christmas gifts.  Craftsy was having an excellent sale on their kits so I jumped on it.  I’ve spent the morning planning out the knitting and I have concluded that I should have started in July!  My knitting schedule is going to be pretty tight these next months – 1 pair of fingerless mitts, 2 pairs of mittens, 2 infinity cowls and 3 pairs of socks!  (And, one absolutely beautiful shawl for my beautiful mother that will be a joy to knit with some luscious yarn.)

3 thoughts on “Toasty Toes

    • Hi Marilyn,
      I always slip stitches in patterns purl wise unless I am doing a decrease OR the designer specifies that they be slipped knit wise. Great question and one that is commonly asked by my students when I teach socks.

      Also, for picked up stitches along the gusset – on the next round I knit those stitches through the back which twists them but tightens them up so there are no gaps.

      Happy knitting!

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