Friday Fiber on a Yak Ranch

Today was the first Friday of the month so I headed out with my fiber friends to one of our member’s yak ranch.  She lives on 388 acres of gorgeous mountain property overlooking a valley with the Collegiate Peaks in the far distance.  We climbed for several miles to about 9,088 ft. elevation.  In a few weeks the aspen in this photo will be flaming yellow and with a clear blue September sky it will look awesome.  It was overcast today.


Everyone enjoys going to this member’s property so there were fifteen of us, all but one had their spinning wheels with them.


The chatter was plentiful and, as usual, I sat with ears tuned to learn something new.  I stand in awe of these very talented bunch of women – they are my fiber heroines.


I  have been spinning for a couple years and knitting for a decade but some of these ladies have had fiber in their lives for as long as they can remember.  Most of them are weavers, too……something I aspire to do someday! 

Emma showed me her stunning silk scarf a friend had made her.  Some of it had been hand-dyed.  It looked simple enough to make and has given me a future project idea.


She had also brought her Bosworth Journey Wheel, a wheel I had only read about but never seen before.  It unfolds from a wooden box and everything is contained in the box so you can travel with it.  This one has been on many ‘journeys.’

My hostess had written an article about yak in Wild Fibers Magazine.  The picture used in the magazine of her yak in the snow was framed on her wall and one of the hides hung from her loft.  She spun and wove some of yak fiber in a gorgeous black/gray pattern and then made a vest for her husband.


Yvonne was busy chatting and finishing off the fringe of a baby blanket she had woven.  If only I had had this little gadget when finishing those two Pueblo Shawls I knit last year!  I may have to purchase one of these.


I spotted the weaving in the cabin almost immediately.  Several of these ladies are in a weaving club and every year swap a project.  If I understood correctly, they spin some fiber and then swap it with another person in the group.  Then they use that fiber as the warp or weft (or whatever it is called) and make a towel for their pal.  They do something different every year.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?




Lunch was on the deck and I wish I had brought a light jacket — autumn is on its way!


Emma showed us her Abracadabra yarn that turned purple in the sunlight.  It is white when it is not in sun.  Her sister had bought her shoe laces that turned colors in the sunlight so she thought it would be fun to knit her a little something in return that would change colors.

Our hostess shooed us inside for dessert and then showed us her show-and-tale.  We thought we were going to see her weaving studio as is often the case on these Friday adventures so we were surprised to see this beauty – complete with a rumble seat!

As usual it was another great Friday Fiber day!  Next month it will be held at my house so I probably won’t be sharing a post since I will be busy hostessing!

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