Home is ambiguous.  When we think about this word, we might picture a street address or we may use it to describe the place where we are happy, relaxed and comfortable – a home away from home.  Home can be a state of mind or it can be a loved one.

If I tell you to make yourself at home then I mean I want you to feel comfortable, confident and relaxed about doing or using something.  However, if we are both listening to a discussion and I tell you the topic is close to home then I mean the topic is so relevant or accurate to the point that it makes me feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.  And, if I’m on my soapbox about a topic I feel passionate about you may tell me I’ve driven it home.  If you do, I will know that I have made something clearly and fully understood because I’ve used repeated or forceful arguments.


Home is where the heart is may be an over-used phrase but it captures the essence of my photograph today.  Today I use the word HOME to mean the place that will always hold my deepest affection no matter where I am.  It is not the physical street address I live on nor is it the log sided cabin I live in.  It is the landscape I see around me as I drive on rural mountain roads.  It is the sky of Colorado – the magnificent cloud formations – the backdrop of 14,000 foot mountains, the thin but clean air of high elevation.  So, the expression HOME SWEET HOME describes my pleasure at being in or returning to my home, Colorado.

What does home look like or mean to you?  Share your thoughts with me in the comments.   I would enjoy hearing from you!

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Right now I don’t feel like there is a place I call “home”. Feeling very discouraged today, but KNOW that this will pass and the joy I normally feel in my heart will return. I’m so thankful I have that to look forward to. Your blog has me thinking of the Rocky mountains and is making me a little “homesick”. I am anxious to get back but know there is much more to do here. Till we meet again Becky….God bless!

  2. Colorado is so beautiful and you are so very fortunate to have such lovely views and gorgeous mountains. I totally understand HOME. My home is Kentucky and hopefully hubby and I can move back there.

  3. Your last paragraph, and especially the last sentence, pretty much sums it up for me too 🙂 Home, Sweet Home Colorado

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