Yarn Along on a Very Busy Day

Joining Ginny and her peeps this morning on a Yarn Along because, well, I love knitting and I love talking about books and this YarnAlong is the venue for both of those things!


I’m re-reading the Hobbit by J.R.Tolkien at the moment.  His style of writing is delightful and I am totally immersed in his world. So much so, that I have a sock knit along starting next Sunday to knit a sock I’ve designed just for the sheer pleasure of keeping The Hobbit momentum going a little longer in my life.  If you are interested in participating all the details can be found here.


As far as knitting goes?  I am very busy in the design room.  In fact, it may have taken over my life so I need to pace myself.  I am finishing the mate to the short Cláirseach sock, I am working on Clue 1 for the All Who Wander are Not Lost Knitalong and I am ironing out details on a cowl design.  Busy, busy but immersed in two worlds I love – knitting and reading.

If you want to see what everyone else is reading then follow the YarnAlong link.  You just may discover a new book waiting for you to read or something clever to knit!

2 thoughts on “Yarn Along on a Very Busy Day

  1. Love your socks – gorgeous colour! I love Tolkien – The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings get a re-read every few years. I will be looking out for the KAL – great idea!

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