Kaffe Fassett and Rowan Yarns Mystery Afghan KAL – Clue 2

I don’t know about you but I finished my Clue 2 blocks up with only one day to spare.  You would have thought that with all the travel time I’ve had this past week I would have zipped through these much faster.  I guess tucking my arms in so as not to bump the stranger beside me on the plane crimped my style.


Yesterday my blocks were all lined up on the blocking board.  I scattered the Clue 1 blocks amongst the Clue 2 blocks and was pleased with what I saw, a turquoise road heading toward the much anticipated release of Clue 3.

Possibilities abound!


Clue 1 finished, Clue 2 finished and Clue 3 colors all ready to go.





Knit along week 3 web cov

This morning a video was released and Kaffe discussed one of his earlier quilts that was the inspiration for this knit along.  The quilt is called Cutting Corners.  I must admit, I am really~really~really getting bit by a quilting bug.  I have his book, Shots and Stripes, and there are at least five quilts beckoning to be made!


Some participants have been timing the knitting of their blocks and it seems like the average time is two hours per block.  I won’t even time myself at this point because I know I am WELL over TWO hours.  I should settle into a rhythm with Clue 3 and now that I just downloaded Fox’s turquoise color-coded chart I anticipate finishing this clue in par with these other speedy knitters.


Download Clue 3

Ravelry Discussion Group

Information about the KAL

Leaving you with a beautiful parting shot of Pikes Peak that I took yesterday from a parking lot.  Love these autumn days!


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