It was about this time last year that I saw a pattern I wanted to knit on a knitter’s blog and discovered it was part of The Great Oddments Knitdown, a series of patterns released throughout the year by Romi Hill to knit down your stash.  I remember thinking it was a wonderful idea but having my hands full with something or  other decided to forego the challenge but made a mental note of it.


There is something about this last quarter of the year that makes me want to knit down my stash and get all projects in progress off my needles.  It would be absolutely amazing if I could enter 2015 with a clean empty project slate with nothing hanging over my head to be finished.  This notion rolls around in my head every October but I haven’t been able to pull it off … YET.


The Great Oddments Knitdown seems like a feasible plan to at least get some small items knit with the odd skeins of yarn I have sitting in yarn bins.  I’m willing to give it a go starting with the Fairy Snowcap, the first pattern released in the series.

I will be knitting the Fairy Snowcap  with some discontinued Debbie Bliss yarn called Alpaca Silkroad Aran.  This may be some of my very oldest stash yarn bought ten or so years ago with birthday cash at my LYS.  Not really knowing at the time that it is best to by several skeins of sale yarn and not really realizing it only had 71 yards in each skein I only bought two, hardly enough to make anything with.  But that is the great thing about this ODDMENT KNITDOWN because it is designed to use up just those kind of skeins!

This is a very cute hat but it seems smallish on everyone I have seen it photographed on.  Since I have a biggish head I think it may go to my granddaughter.  The yarn is super yummy and she will like the ‘non-scratchy’ aspect of it.

IMG_0117 IMG_0118

My ‘oddment’ project is tucked aside in my new Tom Bihn Travel Tray.  I love this thing!  The sides fold down to make a sturdy little yarn bowl and will be great on the plane this week as I travel to visit my daughter and her little family.

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