Yarn Along on an Autumn Day

It has been a while since I have posted on this blog but I find myself wanting to write and share with you on this early day in autumn.  I’m curious to see what Ginny and her reading peeps are reading and knitting so I will join them on a Yarn Along today!


I have a book I bought my granddaughter a while back that I will share with you today called Phoebe’s Sweater.  It is an adorable book, especially if you have a special little someone in your life that you knit for.  The book tells the sweet story of a beloved mouse called Phoebe who becomes a big sister for the very first time.  As her mother waits for the new baby to arrive she knits a beautiful red sweater for Phoebe. The book includes a lovely set of photographs and knitting patterns from the illustrated story, including Phoebe’s sweater, a mouse doll in a sweet handknit dress, and a doll-sized sweater to match Phoebe’s.

My little granddaughter is two and this year I am starting a new tradition with her.  I want to knit a RED sweater for her every year and give it to her when fall arrives in her state.  Each year I will take a black and white photograph of her and then use photo editing tools to make the red sweater show red.  It will be a lovely collage on my wall and a fun way to document the stages of her life and the way her taste in sweaters change over the years.  No doubt I will be knitting some funky red sweaters at some point because I plan to let her pick the pattern every summer when she is older.

I’m waiting another year or so to give her Phoebe’s Sweater.  I think she will appreciate a little more when she is four or five.

This year’s RED sweater for two year old Zoë is the Tiny Tea Leaves.  I’m knitting size 4 and using Cascade 220 Superwash which came highly recommended but isn’t quite as soft as I had hoped.  Some say it will soften up.  Anyone have any experience with this yarn?

6 thoughts on “Yarn Along on an Autumn Day

  1. You have really gotten alot done Becky! It is beautiful. Your granddaughter will love this tradition. Wonder if she’ll want you to change colors as she gets older??????

  2. Oh I have the red yarn and the book and the niece who is now turning 5! What a great tradition you are starting. That sweater is beautiful! My yarn (5 years old!) may have to wait for a one day granddaughter! And the 220..no experience with the super wash.

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