Estes Park Sheep and Wool Festival 2014

Last Saturday I rose bright and early, very early, and drove up to Estes Park for the annual Sheep and Wool Festival after picking up two knitting buddies.

It was a little bit nippy when we arrived in Estes three hours later but fortunately all the venders were located indoors. I resisted the beautiful spindles and passed up some lovely yarn. My plan was to purchase yarn for the next two Romi Hill shawls that were in my summer knitting queue. I discovered it was actually pretty difficult finding fingering weight yarn in a solid hue with yardage greater than 420 yards.



One friend bought enough roving to keep her going for a very long time. The other friend was investigating Russian spindles for an upcoming Orenburg Lace spinning/knitting class she will be taking soon.


I found some Razamatazz Fiber Optic yarn in lovely ‘berry’ color (and we know Becky Likes Berries) but had to buy two skeins to get the yardage I needed.  I then discovered the Brooks Farms booth and was excited because they were from Lancaster, Texas where my parents used to live.  We visited for quite some time talking about Lancaster.  There was a really pretty shawl on display called Cornwall Coast and I decided I just had to knit it since this time last year I was in Cornwall!  I also found some lovely blue roving to spin in a color that would make nice socks for the hubby when spun up.  After our shopping spree we headed over to see the animals that give us the fiber to spin, weave, knit and crochet with.

I made friends with this little buddy.  When I stopped at his pen and started talking in baby talk to him he walked over to me and stuck his head out to be petted.  We visited for a while and I could tell he was used to baby talk and understood me.  Isn’t he a cutie?

photo 3

So many beautiful animals!  Llamas, Alpacas, Paco Vicunas like the one below.

photo 1

Sheep of all kinds.  I am always amazed at how different they look!  Many were sale and I really want one but know the hubby will freak if I go in that direction.

photo 4

Sheep can be very stubborn creatures.  These two were being walked and didn’t appreciate one bit. The girl in the front had to pull the first sheep along and the young man in the back behind kept pushing the fanny of the second one to get her to move along.  I was amused watching them for a bit and reminded of the many Bible passages talking about sheep, especially how we are like sheep.

photo 2

We took the scenic route home through Rocky Mountain National Park over Trail Ridge Road.  I believe this might be the highest pave road in the United States.  The trees stop growing around 10,400 feet elevation and we were well above tree line for quite some time.  In fact, it felt like we were on the same level as many of these stunning fourteeners but most likely we were a little lower.  Trail Ridge Road had not been open long because of the snow and there was evidence of that around us.


Eye to eye with some fourteeners and the air was very thin.


My favorite picture is the one of the cloud moving through a gap in the mountains.


We stopped in Idaho Springs at the legendary BeauJo’s Pizza on our way home and got a Prairie Mountain Pie.  Delicious!  We were pretty wiped out by the time we got home around 10PM and the consensus was that this was such a fun fiber adventure that the we decided next year would need a cabin rental at the YMCA of the Rockies and a couple spinning/knitting classes in addition to shopping!


Now I REALLY MUST get back to closet cleaning………….


2 thoughts on “Estes Park Sheep and Wool Festival 2014

  1. Rebecca! It’s been so long since you have posted! I was worried about you! Glad to be reading about your adventures again! Looks like you had a wonderful trip to the Sheep festival. What Romi patterns are you knitting this summer? I need to start a new shawl and haven’t found what I want to knit as of yet.
    Again, so glad you have returned to your blog. Have a fabulous summer!

  2. I was in Estes for the fair and thought it was wonderful! I have been going since the first ones they had in the park outside. yes we would drag our children up their so I could look at the maybe 12 fiber/yarn dealers…lol. So now many years later…….and the past 4-5 years the fair just keeps improving and this year a new building for the vendor……ahh room to breath and move. I too bought LOTS of fiber from the dealer in your picture…love it.

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