Yarn Along and a Piece of Cheese

Every cheese has its story and today, as I join Ginny on a Yarn Along, I will tell you about a book I just finished by Michael Paterniti called The Telling Room.


Working as an editor for a gourmet deli newsletter, Michael Paterniti encounters a piece of cheese.  Reputed to be the finest and most expensive cheese in the world, the cheese carries a legend with it.

Made from an ancient family recipe in the medieval Castilian village of Guzmán, the cheese was submerged in olive oil and aged in a cave where it gained magical qualities – if you ate it, some said you might recover long lost memories.

Paterniti vows to meet this cheese and the famous genius cheese maker.  When he travels to the village of Guzmán to do so Ambrosio invites him into his bodega, or ‘telling room’ – a man cave carved into the side of a hill and proceeds to tell him the tale of love, betrayal, revenge and the world’s greatest piece of cheese.  As Paterniti is drawn deeper into the heartbroken Ambrosio’s world, he becomes less satisfied with parts of his own life and ends up moving to Guzmán with his family to write Ambrosio’s story.

This was a different kind of book for me to read on many levels.  I thought the author wrote well even though the book seems to get bogged down in spots with historical narratives.  There was a little bit of profanity which I did not care for but otherwise I would say it was an interesting read.  I should probably warn you that you may consume an inordinate amount of cheese whilst reading this book, I did!

Underneath The Telling Room is Building Block #6.  I think this is my favorite block so far!

What are you reading these days?

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