Cat 2 – Elizabeth

Continuing with posts as part of The Cat Quilt-Along, my purple kitties are pieced and I will be introducing Cat 2 momentarily.  
But first I must solicit name suggestions for the pink kitties.  I have a very special name reserved for the first one thanks to Jen who did a bit of sleuthing but my other pinkie needs a name.  Any suggestions?


The obvious female name of royalty is Elizabeth and the current English queen, Elizabeth II, has been listening to her people say, ‘Long live the Queen’ for a very long time now and has taken it to heart.  When her grandfather George V died, her uncle succeeded but abdicated the throne to marry an American divorcee thus making her father, George VI King.  It was a great shock for the family and Elizabeth realized she might one day be Queen.  George VI was the king in the popular movie a few years ago called The King’s Speech.  Elizabeth II was reluctantly thrust into the spotlight at the young age of 25 after her father George VI died.  She had already married her cousin, Philip and she had already given birth to Prince Charles.  She has seen much in her lifetime as monarch.

Changing of the Gaurd



When we were in London last spring we saw a bit of the pomp and circumstance surrounding her.  We lined the street to see the changing of the guard.  New ambassadors from foreign countries call at the palace. When they come they are escorted in a carriage and wear special attire.  Other people come to receive medals and awards. It is a special honour to be made a Knight or Dame, when the Queen touches people on the shoulders with a sword.  So it is with special fondness that I dub my second kitty the name of ELIZABETH.

Today I welcome Cat 2, the royal Elizabeth!


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