A Home for My Delight

I found a perfect little home for my Jenkins Turkish Delight!  Several years ago I had a home sewing business making liners for Longaberger baskets and so I have several baskets floating around my house with undesignated purpose.  This morning the Fruit Basket caught my eye and I thought, “How perfect would that be for my wee fairy spindle.”  There is a divider in it and the smaller section is just the right side for the spindle and the other, larger size can hold a couple ounces of fiber.


Have I told you the story of how I obtained this spindle and how my husband was able to relate?  These beautiful Jenkins Spindles are difficult to get because of they are in such demand.  I have kept my eye open for a couple years and haven’t been able to get one.  I’ve watched Ravelry – sold instantly.  I’ve watched Ebay to no avail.  I’ve watched the Jenkins store sight and my timing is always off.  A few weeks back Mr. Jenkins announced a lottery for some teensy Kuchulu spindles and I entered knowing the odds were against me – and they were.


I fretted on a Ravelry board and the next day, on my birthday, a sweet lady who had a family of Jenkins spindles sent me a Happy Birthday email telling me she would sell me her Turkish Delight.


Now at that point I would have taken any size spindle and any wood but it just so happened that the Delight was the very size I dreamed of and the wood, Bloodwood, was one of my favorites!  And it just so happened that my birthday card from my mother contained the exact cash for that spindle offer.


When relaying the story to my husband in even more detail than I have given here, he proceeded to tell me that he knew EXACTLY how I felt.  With great skepticism I listened quietly and by the time he finished the story I knew he truly could relate.

For the past 20 years we have watched my husband’s favorite movie, Jeremiah Johnson, on New Year’s Eve.  My daughter’s and I tease him telling him there is not much to this movie other than the scenery because there isn’t much dialog.  After hearing how my husband related to the Jenkins spindle acquisition I realized that we females have missed many things in the movie that men get instantly.  He told me the story of Hatchet Jack and the 50 caliber Hawkins.

Apparently in some earlier scene in the movie Jeremiah Johnson had tried to obtain a Hawkins 50 caliber rifle but was only able to get a 30 caliber Hawkins.  Later, when he was having problems hitting his target, someone made a deriding comment and he said, “Well, at least it is a Hawkins.”  I immediately knew that hubby was going to tell me the rifle in Hatchet Jack’s frozen hands was a Hawkins 50 caliber rifle, the very one Jeremiah Johnson wanted!

Yes, my husband knew exactly how I felt about my new Jenkins Turkish Delight Spindle!  If you watch how Jeremiah Johnson reacts in this clip you, too will know how “delighted”I am.



2 thoughts on “A Home for My Delight

  1. I enjoyed reading your story of acquiring your precious spindle and how your husband could relate. It made me smile at the content of his comparison. Jim and I both love that movie too.

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