Fit to Flatter and 365 Days

My special thanks to all who helped me decide what finished picture to send to the Loopy Ewe in my last post.  Sometimes you just need that little extra help! I am pretty excited about a new Craftsy Class I signed up for by Amy Herzog.  It is called Knit to Flatter and it coincides with her new book under the same name, Knit to Flatter.  Ms. Herzog is an excellent teacher and just listening to her first lesson makes you already start to feel comfortable in your own skin.  She shares about the greatest gift she ever gave herself, 365 self-portraits that she took of herself and newborn son to chronicle his first year.  Something magical happened to her through that process and she was able to appreciate the assets of her appearance rather than looking for things she did not like about her physique.  Sounds great to me!  Today I start my own 365 day journey of self-photographs!


The course is designed to help you knit sweaters that make you look and feel great.  After analyzing your own body shape by taking a photograph and drawing lines in appropriate places, Ms. Herzog helps you determine which category you fit into and then demonstrates which styles look best on your type.  After listening to her I immediately realized why I didn’t wear some of the beautiful Aran sweaters that I have knit – yep, they just sit in the closet because I feel dumpy when I wear them.  But, now I know why!  Excellent book and even more excellent course! It just so happened that the challenge on the Digital Photography School site was to take a Bokeh-Portrait.   We all want those beautiful portraits where our subject is in focus and the background is soft and not distracting. In this week’s assignment we were not to be worried about obtaining the traditional round bokeh as it is generally defined, but rather an out of focus look. Not having any people around to model for me I started with my Old Country Rose Teddy Bear. photo-11Then my Westie went absolutely crazy barking at the teddy bear not understanding what it was or why I was taking a picture of it so I decided to take one of her…. photo-10even though her whiskers are all stained with spaghetti sauce and she definitely needs a trim job.  And then I remembered that today was the day I had told myself I would start my 365 Days self-portrait project and I felt guilty so I snapped a couple shots of me….

photo-8And then I uploaded it to my iPad and immediately thought, “Oh my, you have absolutely no make-up on” and ‘Oh my, your roots are showing and they are darker than your hair and why did you go with such a red color’ and ‘Oh my, your face is so round and pudgy I just want to pinch your cheeks just like I do with round pudgy babies…..’ and then I said, ‘STOP THAT!’

In all of these photographs I set my aperture to the lowest it would go f/2.8.  The smallest aperture you can get will give you that ‘bokeh’ effect and will blue the background.  It has been a while since I kept up with the weekly challenges on the Digital Photography School but I am going to try to be better about it, especially since I really am going to attempt this 365 Day project.  If you are interested in photography you may want to hop right on over to DPS.


3 thoughts on “Fit to Flatter and 365 Days

  1. This is my favorite review ever. I’m so excited you’re going to do the 365, good for you! And about that picture–you’re beautiful! Here’s hoping you see it too, some time soon.

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