Yarn Along ~ Cast On Bind Off Review

Joining Ginny this morning on a Yarn Along talking about books and knitting ….

CastOnBindOffThe latest addition to my knitting library is a book by Leslie Ann Bestor called Cast On Bind Off.  In its introduction the author explains that most knitters have a favorite cast on or bind off, usually the first one they ever learned.  As we grow as knitters we begin to realize that different situations call for different techniques and that, by using the right one it will have a huge impact on the finished garment.  She wrote this book so that a whole new world of possibilities will open up to the reader and horizons will be expanded.  She suggests trying out the methods when you knit your gauge swatch.  I thought this was a great idea.  This book is a perfect addition to your knitting bag, or in my case, downloaded to my iPad which travels in my knitting bag.

Today I am adding a decorative Picot Bind Off to the Holden Shawlette I have been working on the last couple weeks. It will create a delicate, decorative edge which will look beautiful on the edge of this shawl. It is a simple and flexible method of binding off and the sizes of the picots and distance between them can be altered to suit your taste. It does use more yarn than most bind offs and my skein is looking a little skimpy right now. Hope I don’t run out of yarn!

This is how the Picot Bind Off is worked:

1. Knit the first 2 stitches and bind off 1 stitch using the Traditional Bind Off.


2. Transfer the remaining stitch from the right hand needle to the left hand needle and use a Knitted Cast On to cast on 2 stitches.


3. Bind off 4 stitches.


4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until one stitch remains.

5. Cut the yarn and pull it through the last stitch.

This will obviously be a s-l-o-w process but the end result will be lovely unless , that is, I run out of yarn!

6 thoughts on “Yarn Along ~ Cast On Bind Off Review

  1. Well it just so happens that I am working on the Holden shawlette at the moment too. I’m just approaching the lace portion of it now. Thanks for the nice picture illustration of the picot bind off. That will be very helpful once I get to that part. You must show how yours turns out. I love the color you’ve chosen.

  2. I finished my Holden a month or so ago! Haha! Great minds ladies! It is lovely and I absolutely love the Picot edge! I used some beautiful emerald green sock yarn a friend gave me for my birthday and it’s going to be my “bit o’green” for St. Pats!

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