Sweet Peerie Flooers and the Like

Often knitting peer pressure can be a very good thing. If you are in a knitting group then you know exactly what I mean. Sometimes the pressure has you casting on projects that out of your comfort zone but, no worries, your pals are right there to help you along. And at other times the pressure is to finish something that has been lingering, little bits of encouragement can go a long way. Last month my buddies and I decided to dedicate April to finishing some of those lingering projects. We declared our intentions and posted them on our April page in Ravelry and it has been a productive month for me.

Top on my list was to finish the Alice Starmore Rosemarkie vest. It might be a stretch to get it finished by the end of the month but my needles are clicking away on it as fast as they can.

The Peerie Flooers beanie designed by Kate Davies had hundreds of ends to weave in. It took me about four hours and a few episodes of Downton Abbey but I can officially declare it finished. I have no model and, believe me, you don’t want to see it modeled on my enormous head so here she is modeled on Joyce, the alabaster albino.


I chose the larger size to knit and the ‘slouchy’ version. The fit is great but it is a little taller than I would like it to be.


This was my first time working with Rowan Fine Tweed yarn. It is a little on the nubby side and resulted in some uneven stitching. The colors are brilliant and lovely but it won’t be my go-to yarn for fair isle knitting.

20120417-083554.jpg20120417-083507.jpgI have LOTS of yarn left over so I will be knitting the matching Peerie Flooers mittens sometime this summer.

To my embarrassment, I had a few pairs of socks that we have been wearing without the tails being woven in. I tackled those socks! And, I wove in some tails on the Looped Loop, a 2012 Christmas present that matches last year’s Wurm hat gifted to her.

I’m on a roll here!  If all goes well, then I will finish Rosemarkie and wear her at least once before the warmer temperatures arrive.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Peerie Flooers and the Like

  1. Yes yes yes get that Rosemarkie done!! Don’t you just loooove Downton?? Heck I just can’t wait for season 3!!

  2. Well done ! I just love your colorway of the natural light brown background ! (I haven’t seen that yet, I love it best) … and congratulations for getting back into Rosemarkie. Of course, I can’t wait to see that finished !

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