Yarn Along {A Pilgrim’s Progress}

A sweet little bunny hat is ready to go into an Easter Joy box to my daughter and her  little family along with some goodies for them. This little hat is extra soft and baby-friendly (i.e. washable) having been knit with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. The pattern can be found in Itty Bitty Hats by Susan Anderson.

Speaking of white fluffy bunny hats make me think of fluffy white chicks which always make me think of the peeps on Ginny’s Small Things – it must be Wednesday
and it’s time for a Yarn Along.


The Pilgrim’s Progress was written during John Bunyan’s final six months of being imprisoned for preaching the Gospel. I have a beautiful worn copy of this amazing book that was published one hundred thirty years ago. It has within its pages the most incredible ink drawings that depict scenes from the story.

As I walked through the wilderness of this world, I came to a place where there was a den. Inside, I lay down to sleep, and as I slept, I had a dream.

The “den” spoken of here represents none other than Bunyan’s own jail cell. It was during his confinement in this cell that he received inspiration for this wonderful story. Bearing the cross of loneliness, being separated from his family and confined to a prison cell was a trial he bore in his own pilgrimage on earth. And what came of his confinement? The Pilgrims Progress. This book was an instant bestseller in seventeenth-century England. It has proven the test of time and continues to inspire millions who are on their own spiritual pilgrimages.

I will be reading this classic over the next few months and talking about it on Thursdays here on the blog. I invite you to read along with me and stop by on Thursdays to make your own observations in the comment section. I would enjoy hearing your perspective!

Until tomorrow then ……

Note: I try not to violate copyright laws. I’ve searched in vain and have not been able to locate the publisher of my 130 year old copy of the book so I am assuming it is permissible to show the drawings from the book.

5 thoughts on “Yarn Along {A Pilgrim’s Progress}

  1. I’ve not read this classic but will add it to my list. Thanks for showing us the beauty of the ink drawings — they add to the entire experience of reading. Your bunny hat is precious!

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