Joy Dare: Week Seven

The glory of the cross must never be eclipsed; the lustre of the grave and of the resurrection must never be dimmed.” -Charles Spurgeon

As a believer, I often anticipate the time when I shall join the saints above in the ceaseless praise of Jesus for eternity. I long to go home and my husband and I talk about it frequently. It is not that we are morbid and weary of life but more that we try to live with an eternal perspective, setting our eyes on the race before us but focused on that final goal.

Living with a heavenly perspective not only means looking to heaven and longing to be with Christ for eternity but it also means looking at life in the present and weighing it with a heavenly scale to see if it, the things I do, will go into God’s treasury. Last week was a tough one looking for the three hard eucharisteos, this week has been filled with reflection as I have asked myself some probing questions. Am I glorifying God? Right now? This very day? This very minute?

My husband wants to retire several years before most men do. Am I willing to live on a meagre income sooner than I had anticipated? Am I wiling to be content with having and doing much less than I thought the retirement years would bring? Can I be content? Will I be content. Will I glorify God and BE content?

“Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment, for be brought nothing into the world and we will not take anything out of the world.  But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content.”  

(1 Timothy 6:8)

What about the aches and pains that are creeping into my body as I age. The ankle that feels sprained because of arthritis making it difficult to climb stairs. The ankle that prevents me from jogging or walking for any distance. The ankle that prevents me to spend time hiking in the beautiful mountains I live in? Can I give God honor by being patient with my limitations? Will I?

What about my talents? Do I extol God by spending those talents for Him and to help those in need? Or do I spend a vast amount of time blogging about the things I make only to exalt myself and my abilities. Ouch! I’m not really sure because I have made a lot of friendships through blogging.

I have more time on my hands now that my children are grown and gone. Yet somehow, despite the fewer responsibilities I still seem to have a shortage of time. Am I redeeming my time wisely? Or am I wasting that time and not doing the specific tasks He has called me to do? Am I taking care of my home, my husband or serving Him by teaching? Or serving in the community? Or have I spent too much time on the internet surfing around. My husband asked me to get our Mediterranean cruise photos in an album for him and it still isn’t done. The computer seems to suck me in and then I have nothing to show for it.

What about the heart He has given me to feel emotions. Are my emotions spent appropriately? Do I spend too much emotion dwelling and analyzing things in my life that I shouldn’t be analyzing. The result is often a bitter seed and then comes the exhausting process of trying to take my thoughts captive. Instead, my heart should glow with no flame but the affection for my Lord.

I firmly believe that each of us has been put in the world for a purpose and throughout different seasons of my life I have with earnestness sought and had that purpose clarified. I find myself once again in another season and am re-defining my life purpose. I often feel like there is not much I can offer but I pray

Lord, I cast my time and eternity into Thy treasury, I am all Thine, take me Lord and enable me to glorify Thee right now, right here on this very day …………… in all that I say ………… in all that I do and with all that I have.

On the Dare to Joy Journey counting to one thousand gifts in 2012 – #84 – #101

84. That when I am most miserable and place myself right in the face of mercy, His love at once will work my cure.

85. That faith’s miracle is instantaneous and salvation is my present and eternal possession.

86. That being justified by faith, I have peace with God.


87. A gift in loosing something – a blog dedicated solely to kniting.

88. A gift in finding something – that I must use my talents to glorify Him. I must decrease while He increases.

89. A gift in making something – cinnamon rolls for the husband in the wee hours before daylight.


90. Pondering that results in conviction.


91. In the shadow of a tree stump, curling bark.

92. In the shadow of a fallen tree, lichen moss.

93. In the shadow of some pine needles, one lone melting clump of snow.

Keep me as the apple of the eye;

Hide me in the shadow of your wings.”

Psalm 17:8

94. A gift in serving – taking the trash out for hubby on a very cold morning.

95. Being prepared for the Bible study, a gift to Fran.

96. Something written – in Respectable Sins – the 3 most written about character traits in the Bible are LOVE, HUMILITY and TRUST.

97. Something written – Amy Carmichael, missionary –

             He said, “I will accept the breaking sorrow

Which God tomorrow

Will to His son explain.”

Then did the turmoil deep within him cease,

Not vain the word; not vain:

             For in Acceptance lieth peace.

98. Something written – Jerry Bridges – May all of us, with the help of the Holy Spirit, move from any negative attitudes of discontentment to a positive attitude of being stewards of the difficult and disappointing circumstances God has given us so that we may somehow glorify Him in all of life.


99. Time spent in the snow with family.

100. New book ideas and app ideas from my nephew, I love him!

101. Being with family who love encourage me.

Daring to live fully where I am………..


3 thoughts on “Joy Dare: Week Seven

  1. I’ve read your blog for a few years now and have always taken something away from it, sometimes encouragement for my knitting or just for my soul by being allowed to share in the beauty of where you live, but last week, after a couple of months of not checking my favorite blogs, I found my way back to yours and was stirred by the Joy Dare. I followed your links and immediately downloaded the book to my Nook. Thank you for sharing this journey, I’ve now taken it up beside you and am in humble awe of how God is using it in me. Thank you for sharing your heart. May blessing overflow your cup!

  2. You touched on so many of my own anxieties about time management. I am mom to 2 girls, wife to my best friend, and a nursing school student. I struggle with a lot of the same issues–too much time online, “glorifying myself” through showcasing things I make… It’s good to know a kindred spirit. Would you mind if I share this post? I am making a list of “good reads” for a future post.

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