A Month of Fridays with Rosemarkie

Little Irish girl Kelly inquired about Rosemarkie within minutes of me trying to decide if I wanted to resume A Month of Fridays with Rosemarkie. That was all it took. I pulled out the storage box and figured out where I had left off on the last Month of Fridays. I finished up a couple chores and then settled myself in for an afternoon at the home cinema.

Only three more rows until the body measures 34 cm from the cast on edge. At that point I will begin the armhole steeks. In case you are wondering how someone steeks an armhole, here are the steps below, but if you aren’t in the least bit interested then head right to Sense and Sensibility Trivia Quiz:

  • Knit the right front in pattern
  • Place the next 19 stitches on a holder
  • Cast on 8 steek stitches in alternating colors, plus 2 edge stitches
  • Continue knitting the back in pattern
  • Place the next 19 stitches on a holder
  • Cast on 8 steek stitches in alternating colors, plust 2 edge stitches
  • Continue knitting the left front in pattern
On the next five rounds I will be decreasing 1 stitch on either side of the armhole steeks. And after that I will begin the V neck shaping.

Sense and Sensibility

ActorsTrivia Quizz

1. Which Sense and Sensibility actor played a villain opposite Bruce Willis in his or her first major film?

2.  Emma Thompson won a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for Sense and Sensibility in 1995.  For what movie did she win an Oscar for Best Actress?

3.  What was the name of the young aristocrat Kate Winslet played in the 1997 blockbuster Titantic.

4.  What Sense and Sensibility actor fought Colin Firth, kissed Julia Roberts and was prime minister?

5.  Which three actors starred together in both Sense and Sensibility and the 2003 comedy Love Actually.

6.  In About a Boy, what song does Hugh Grant’s character Will sing onstage during a school talent show?

Next up, The Kings Speech and two armhole steeks.


5 thoughts on “A Month of Fridays with Rosemarkie

  1. I`d love to see some pics once you get the steek in. What`s the advantage to steeking the armholes?
    I’ve yet to watch the King’s Speech is it worth watching?

  2. just so you know – I only knew the answers to two of the questions – but I get extra credit because I’m a man right? Anyway – I know now the steps of steeking – and for some reason that made me smile. I’m smiling right now. Thank you. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours Rebecca.

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