A Month of Fridays with Rosemarkie

What would happen if I focused my attention on one goal for a month of Fridays?  I recently read somewhere,wish I could remember where, that it would be a productive idea to take your junk drawer into your television room and clean it out while watching a movie.  Well, couldn’t you apply that concept to a number of daunting projects around your home, providing they were portable enough to relocate into the den?

I have many things around my house that could use some undivided attention.  Photographs.  Lots of them and all waiting to be put into albums.  I have drawers to be organized.  Bookshelves.  YARN bins.  And, for that matter, finishing my Rosemarkie Vest!  See, you knew I would somehow make Month of Fridays about knitting, didn’t you?

Three days ago I decided that the first daunting project I would tackle would be my Rosemarkie Vest for one Month of Fridays. So,  I put my “sheep” pajamas on (actually, I never changed out of them from the night before) and watched not one but two Chick Flick movies.  It was a productive afternoon of knitting and I enjoyed watching Fried Green Tomatoes and Something’s Gotta Give.  You know, I don’t even remember the last time I watched two movies back-to-back.  I like this plan!

I grew up eating fried green tomatoes and my mother makes them for me every time I go south for a visit.   A couple years ago I ordered some fried green tomatoes at the Stable House on the Biltmore properties in Asheville, North Carolina.  I still think about those tomatoes.

Fried Green Tomatoes, one of my top comfort foods

What is yours?

Can you answer any (or all) of these comfort food trivia questions?

  1. What fine, Southern lady brought us the first ready-mix food to ever be sold commercially?
  2. Why is pound cake called pound cake?
  3. What popular packaged treat was invented in 1931 as a way to use the thousands of shortcake pans that sat empty all year except for strawberry season?


11 thoughts on “A Month of Fridays with Rosemarkie

  1. I live in the south and have never had fried green tomatoes. I will rectify that in Feb when I travel to New Orleans on business ;^).

    Love the idea of a month of Fridays. I’ll bet you get all kinds of things done this fall.

    As for the trivia:
    Aunt Jemima?
    The original cake had a pound of ingredients or weighed a pound?
    I was going to say TV dinners, but then I reread ‘treat’ so I am going to guess Twinkies.

  2. Love the idea for a month of Fridays. I have lived here in NC for almost
    15 years and have yet to try them. On my list as soon as I find a restaurant
    that has good ones!! BTW, Asheville is in NC. Happy knitting!

  3. Ok this is totally what I need. I have waaaay too many WIPS right now and I need to lighten my basket’s load before the new year hits. I’m going to join you on this month of fridays!

    Aunt jemima…. ohhhh now I want pancakes
    pound of butter
    I have no clue about the last one

  4. 1. Betty Crocker
    2. A pound of butter
    3. Twinkles

    Just some guesses.

    I love this idea. I’m modifying it a little and saying i’ll work 30 mins a day M-F going through and organizing our filing cabinet. I think I’ll even make myself a set of boxes to check off each day I follow through.

  5. I can’t wait to see your finished Rosemarkie vest as it looks like a work of art to me.

    Guess what – I fried green tomatos last night – LOL. It was the first time I ever cooked them but my Mother cooked them often. Now is the time of year to use those green tomatos before they are ruined by cold weather.

    Hope you enjoyed both movies. “Somethings Gotta Give” was very entertaining in my book (vbg).

    (Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I just cannot bring myself to get another dog – yet.)

  6. P.S I always thought the original pound cake got it’s name because ALL ingredients were a pound – flour, eggs, sugar, and butter. I think it was too much for an average family and was later been revised.

    Umm – I don’t know the answers to Trivia questions 1 and 3.

  7. I only know that pound cake is called pound cake because it’s supposed to have a pound of butter in it. I try not to think about it when I eat it. 😉

    Love your choice of movies!

  8. 1. No clue. I know Betty Crocker and Aunt Jemima weren’t real people, so I guess they’re out.
    2. Pound of butter, flour, sugar, eggs.
    3. I don’t know, but since everyone said Twinkies, that’s probably it.

    I love those movies! I like fried green tomatoes, but I always found them too tart when I made them at home – until I got a tip to use ‘Celebrity’ tomatoes. They have just the right tang. Didn’t grow any this year, though, so I haven’t made any.

  9. I like it when you get in your organizing mode, because you then inspire me. My house looks clean but it is horribly messy and unorganized… things living in spaces they should not. While my home is in disarray, I am getting lots of knitting and cooking done , however. Maybe I ought to go out and pick the last of the tomatoes, and just make a new mess in the kitchen xx 🙂

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