A Snowy Day

The first snowfall of the year is always exciting and this morning, when we woke up to several inches, it proved no different. The snow has been falling softly for several hours now and is simply beautiful. This was Kenzie’s first encounter with snow and she was quite taken with it.


Kenzie wants to go out and play but I am quite content to stay in my new flannel pajamas with newly finished socks on my feet.

Of course, I have an early birthday present that has totally captivated me. I’m Stumbling and Flip Boarding (my favorite apps) through cyberspace. And, I am adding your blogs to my Flip Board so I can do a better job reading about your life.


A snowy day is also a great time to pull out the knitting needles and watch the best football team in the SEC, my alma mater!


6 thoughts on “A Snowy Day

  1. ohhh I’m glad ours was only a few flakes!
    Loving those jammies and i must confess I would loove to cosy up in your lovely home and knit. It always looks so warm and cosy!

  2. Oh, I want snow! (I can’t believe I’m saying this…) But we’ve just had 7 days straight of temps in the 80’s here in Minnesota. Enough already! The leaves are gone.. bring in the snow!

    p.s Kenzie is sooooo cute!

  3. Kenzie is sooo cute!!! And I love that jammie fabric. Are you excited about The Loopy Ewe moving to your part of the world? We used to make a yearly visit to St. Louis just for yarn shopping. I guess we’ll have to change it to Fort Collins but probably not as often. 🙂

  4. The the socks and jammies – and totally covet the ipad LOL!!! I have written to Santa for an ipad – I do hope I’ve been good enough this year!!!!

    Kenzie is a spoiled dog – look at her on the back of that sofa LOL!!! Hmmm, and I thought Lackie and Daisy were the most spoilt westies – I think Kenzie is giving them a run for the title LOL!!!

    Love the snow.

  5. How funny is it that it was snowing in your neck of the woods this weekend while it was 80+ degrees here?! I kind of envy your being able to curl up with some hand knits. (Kind of — I’m not ready for snow yet!)

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