Rosemarkie and Westies

I’ve finished the first 22 row repeat on my Rosemarkie.  The pattern is simple and easy to count in my head and so, is almost a mindless knit.  I’m enjoying it.

It is quite fortunate that Rosemarkie is a simple, mindless knit because my mind is VERY preoccupied with thinking about a certain dog breed…..

I have enjoyed reading about Anne’s West Highland White Terriers for a while now.  She first started with Daisy and then decided to give Daisy a companion so Lackie came on the scene.  What adorable bundles of energy they are!

Thinking about the possibility of adding a Westie to my life has eased the sorrow of loosing Snooks.  After watching my grief the hubby has given the thumbs up for replacing him.  We found a breeder in Denver who has a little boy available April 29th and we are very close to putting a deposit down…..just need to think about a few more days.

I want to thank all of you for the sweet condolences you sent me about Snooks.   Those comments really touched my hearts and I love all of you!  Thank you!


8 thoughts on “Rosemarkie and Westies

  1. Congrats! What are you waiting for….you better put your money down NOW! I’m so excited and happy for you. Those Hubbs – just takes awhile sometimes! Sofee sends her wiggles……

  2. Yay! One of the telivision series I enjoyed (Hamish McBeth – set in scotland) has a Westie named Wee Jock. I have wanted one ever since. And if I ever get a smaller dog, it’ll be a Westie.

  3. My sister-in-law has a Westie, beautiful dogs, and so spirited, more of a working dog than a lap dog from my experience, so you’ll be in for a lot of walking! Best of luck, and I’ll be following your news.

  4. Westies are adorable. We had a Westie many years ago that we bought for my daughter for her birthday when she was a little girl. Tilly was gorgeous but unfotunately she suffered a terrible skin condition which they are apparently prone to at least here in Australia and we had to have her put down which was heartbreaking.

  5. YES go for the Westies!!They are the best I can not say enough about what wonderful dogs they are.We have TWO, Addie came to us 3 years ago and this fall we added Kenzie. These two girls are as special as my 2-legged child.As a matter of fact Addie sits with me every night as I knit. She loves this time of day.Kenzie is still young but is learning to enjoy knitting as well.A westie will be great for the CO weather – might need a coat tho.Good luck!!

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