Autumn Leaves Stole

The Sundew color in the Hebridean 2-ply is absolutely gorgeous and is described on the Virtual Yarns website as containing ‘wisps and specks of greens, purple and gold spun through a base of bright bronze and magenta. The resulting colour glows with life, just like a rose of light itself.’  I would concur with that description.  The colors are splendid and I found myself lost in them as I knit this soothing pattern.  I only wish I could capture the colors with my camera as accurately as my eye adores it.

I originally ordered this yarn from Scotland to knit Girasole but when Jared Flood revealed his Autumn Leaves Stole I  changed my mind in the flash of a second.  I loved this rectangular lace wrap the moment I saw it.  I’m sure the yarn color used in the Jared’s photography contributed somewhat to my attraction to the pattern as it is very similar to Sundew, but the pattern itself is quite lovely.

The lace flows out from the center towards either end so the stole is worked in two separate halves and, when completed, the live stitches from both sides are grafted together using the Kitchener Stitch.

The finished dimension after blocking is 19″ x 73″ and I like those dimensions.  I can wear this as a scarf.

Or…..I can wrap it around my shoulders and blend into my favorite chair reading a good book of which I have many to choose from. I give this pattern a big thumb’s up for enjoyability and give it two stars (advanced beginner) for skill level difficulty.


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