The Stockings Are Hung and the Elf is Knitting

The Christmas stockings are hung and the mantle is lit with the candles of Advent, my favorite Christmas tradition.

The tree has been decorated with ornaments of Christmases past which evoke wonderful memories of by-gone years.  There are a couple new ornaments this year, one received in an ornament exchange with Bible study friends, one – just because it captured my eye.  Although, I must admit,  it is prudent at my age to forego collecting ornaments unless they are of a very SPECIAL nature.  The tree is full.

This drowsy retriever looks as though he is guarding the tree but in fact, I am keeping a close eye on HIM.  I caught this culprit earlier this morning with a Christmas present in his mouth.  Being forewarned by his owner, there are no bows of any kind on any of the packages and I was optimistic that this alone would keep his curiosity at bay.  I guess he proved me wrong.

The house is not completely decorated but there are enough pretties to give holiday cheer.

A new pillow from Pottery Barn has sent me dreaming, not of sugar plum fairies, but of big red cables knit with bulky wool, a knitting project for NEXT year!  Maybe I will use some of those incredible patterns from Aran Knits for inspiration (giving all the credit to Alice Starmore, of course).

This little cabin has snow, our little cabin has none.

But not for long!  The world is frozen outside and it should start snowing this afternoon, or so the weather man says.

And I leave you with glimpses of Christmas knitting……….

The BEAUMONT Tam is finished.

The SELBU MODERN Tam is not finished but should be done this weekend.

The son-in-law, who once asked me ‘Why would someone spend all that time knitting a sweater when they could try a finished sweater on in the store and see how it looks on them?’, will be receiving a hand-knit Gryffindor Bookmark from his mother-in-law.  He is a great fan of the Harry Potter books and he requested  bookmarks for his Christmas Stocking.

I’m not supposed to be knitting much but couldn’t fathom a Christmas without gifting my daughters with warm woolies for their noggins.  Or, not giving my husband his traditional birthday socks.  I’ve promised to be a good girl though AFTER Christmas and take a much needed knitting sabbatical to change a variable in the physical therapy routine.




7 thoughts on “The Stockings Are Hung and the Elf is Knitting

  1. Lovely Tam’s I’m sure the girls will be thrilled with them. I do so miss your knitting and blogging but I’d like you to get better too. I’ll be ready and waiting when the sabbatical is over.

  2. All of your decorations look beautiful and you house looks very cozy. What gorgeous tams you are knitting for your daughters. Don’t overdo and reinjure yourself.

    Merry Christmas!

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