Diamond Fantasy Shawl

Luster of silk.

Mystery of the Sea.

Handmaiden Sea Silk.

Handmaiden Sea Silk is a luxurious silk combined with Sea Cell (a cellulose based fibre made with Seaweed) which gives the fiber a dramatic sheen and beautiful drape.  My daughter gave me a Loopy Ewe gift certificate last year for my birthday and, after hearing the many praises of Sea Silk, I purchased a skein in the ‘Paris’ color-way.

I enjoyed knitting with this yarn but probably will not be using it again anytime soon.  I spent more time untangling it than I did knitting with it, I guess because of it’s fiber content.

This Silvia Harding pattern was gifted to me by a knitting buddy when I admired her Diamond Fantasy on her blog.  She hasn’t blogged in a long while so I hope she somehow sees the pattern she gifted to me knit up.  I started two other Diamond Fantasy shawls with different yarns but my skill level at the time was not advanced enough to understand what I was doing and I ended up frogging both.  It was nice to pick the pattern up again and finally comprehend it! (Ravelry details)

I had a tough time capturing the lovely colors of ‘Paris’ so here is yet another photo.  If all goes as planned, I should be in Paris next May wearing this shawl.  My year of knitting is planned around all the countries we plan to visit, you know how I like to knit memories!

15 thoughts on “Diamond Fantasy Shawl

  1. Gorgeous Becky!
    Also, just wanted to credit you w/ inspiring me to do the c25k; I started in July and did my first EVER 5k last weekend with my whole family! I figured, hey, I’m still young at 48, and there’s no time like the present.

    So, thank you thank you! Hugs!

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