Cloisters Wrap

I finished Miriam Felton’s Cloister Wrap on the last day of April and blocked her last night.  I know I always say that the most recent shawl off the needles is my favorite, but I really do love this shawl.

The JaggerSpun was nice to work with and the copper color is beautiful.  After a good soak and an overnight blocking the wool is nice and soft.

There was no ready photographer around so I had to set the self-timer on my camera which made for an awkward photo shoot.

I truly love lace.  It is lightweight and delicate yet keeps me nice and warm.  It is feminine.  Lace draws me back into my childhood and brings back memories of pretending to be a ‘wild west’ frontier woman.

My favorite television show at that time was called The Wild Wild West and I had a mad crush on the main character, Jim West, who was played by the actor Robert Conrad.  My mother had entrusted me with my own baby blanket that, when folded into a triangle, resembled a frontier shawl.  My dress-up outfit was never complete without that ‘shawl.’

In those languid days of childhood pretenses, little did I know that when I grew up I would be living in what was once the real wild west.  Nor did I know that I would be knitting my own shawls!  I guess childhood dreams sometimes come true.


11 thoughts on “Cloisters Wrap

  1. Gorgeous shawl!
    I remember playing “frontier days” with my sisters and neighborhood friends in our play log cabin in the backyard – fun memories.

  2. Sorry, an English teacher here. Joseph Conrad wrote Heart of Darkness. Robert Conrad was the actor who played James West.

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