Two Sock Tuesday ~ Damask Rose

 TWO Sock Tuesday is here and I don’t have TWO socks to show you.  But I do have one large Christmas stocking that I am working on and don’t you think a large Christmas stocking should count as TWO socks?  I think so.  At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  This will be the only sock in my sock basket this month.  This holiday stocking is for the October Sock Knitters Anonymous Sockdown.  I gave you a glimpse last Saturday when I was playing with my camera and here it is again with more of the main pattern showing.  I am about halfway through the stocking leg.


This pattern is called Damask Rose and it is a Judy’s Colors Christmas Stocking.  She has about a bizillion designs and it was hard to narrow my choice to one.  My plan is to knit one stocking a year until I have replaced our current family stockings.  If I continue at my 8-rows a day pace I will be showing you a heel next Tuesday!


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