Embarkation Day

We met up with the group we were traveling with on Monday morning and took a bus to the Celebrity Mercury.  It was pretty nippy out so I wore my Oregon Vest.  I love this vest so much!  I’ve decided that wool vests and wool shawls are the most practical pieces of wardrobe for me.  Pullovers are too hot and cardigans are slightly better because you can unbutton them or take them off when you get too hot.  But vests?  They are just perfect!  And shawls take the nip off without wearing something heavy.

So, here are some long-awaited pictures of me wearing my finished Oregon vest as we wait to set sail from Elliot Bay.

There is a lot of fanfare as you set sail and everyone is excited.  But that is not why I am excited in this next photograph.

Do you know why I am smiling this big?  Don has just turned off his Blackberry and this makes the Mum very happy!!!!! 

Shortly before we came up on deck  I finished the 10 x 10 Seattle Square for my Traveling Memory Blanket and took a quick photograph.  I chose these colors because I thought they matched a Seattle sky and they certainly did on our day of embarkation, mostly gray with some blue thrown in.

Bon Voyage!

Goodbye Seattle!


15 thoughts on “Embarkation Day

  1. Your Oregon vest is spectacular – what beautiful photographs!! You know what? You are right about vests…and I don’t have even a single one – I think I need to knit the Oregon vest! Have a great trip!

  2. You do not have near enough comments on this incredible vest, yet. Wow!! You really do have a work of pure beauty to be proud of here. You did such a wonderful job. I miss Seattle. Thanks for the pictures.

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