Two Sock Tuesday ~ Sockdown September

I’ve been traveling again and have much to tell you about my journeys but today is Tuesday so I will save those tales for another day. Two Sock Tuesday is here and I have a finished pair of socks to show you. I must warn you in advance, they are YELLOW!


The Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry has just begun their new year of challenges.  The first challenge was to knit any sock pattern using YELLOW YARN or to knit the mystery sock in YELLOW.  I started out knitting the Mystery Sock because the designer was Nancy Bush, one of my favorite designers.  Unfortunately, the pattern wasn’t working well with the yellow yarn.  I am most certain that the fault was in the color of the yarn and not the designer. 

Yellow is not a color I wear often.  I guess these will be my crazy socks to wear when I get an urge to spruce up a pair of jeans.

Start date:  September 24, 2009

Completed date:  October 5, 2009

Pattern:  Angee, designed by Cookie A.

Yarn:  Lorna Laces Shepherd Sock in Firefly

Needles:  2.25 Kollage dpn and Hiyahiya 2.25 circulars

Notes:  I knit with smaller needles to give a tigher gauge since I prefer a snugger fit.  I also knit the 2.25 ” heel flap but think the 2.5″ flap would have fit better.  But, other than the heel flap, these are a perfect fit.


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