Two Sock Tuesday ~ Eye of Partridge Heels

One of the many benefits of a garter stitch is that it doesn’t roll in on itself like a stockinette stitch does.  I’ve found it to be a perfect border for scarves, shawls and sweater edges.  But, it has only been recently that I have come to see its merits along the sides of a heel flap.

The Eye of Partridge Heel with a 3-st Garter Edge can be found in More Sensational Socks, a most excellent sock resource.  I also incorporated Cookie A.’s Trapezoid Heel (Sock Innovations) into the His-and-Hers-Socks and the two combined fit my heel perfectly.  The socks were finished with a Round Toe which hug my toes better than the Wedge Toe I’ve so often used. 


I  like every element of a sock to fit snugly, from the cuff to the toe.  My husband does, too.  Some folks like “wiggle” room but not this girl.  It has taken a few years for me to learn the right ingredients for “my” perfect sock and have designed this pattern accordingly.  I love wearing and knitting all the beautiful designs that are available but will always grab a pair of vanilla socks over fancy ones when the temperature is nippy outside.

I’ve had a mild case of startitis lately with the uncontrollable urge to cast on every Christmas project that I have had the slightest notion to make.  And all of you realize, of course, that a secondary infection of this tragic disease can be the dreaded SSK (second sock syndrome), right?  SSK sets in when the first sock is finished and you realize you have to make one exactly like it. 

Well, what do you think happens when you are making two pairs at the same time exactly alike?  You guessed it.  It is a a much more serious disease called ss-SSK and it is really, really ferocious!  I need all the fortitude I can muster to cast on two more His and Her Socks for these mateless socks.  Can you encourage me to stay the course??


8 thoughts on “Two Sock Tuesday ~ Eye of Partridge Heels

  1. Those two socks look like a very sweet pair! Just think how good those two naked feet will feel when they are wrapped up in those two socks you will knit!! I say cast on today!! Blessings to you! Ecc. 4:9-10

  2. well they’d be good tv knitting no???? That or you’ll just have to make yourself NOT cast on for anything else till you get them done…………. nahhhh thats just crazy talk 🙂

  3. Those are such nice socks – it would be a shame if you couldn’t get the mojo up to finish them! I like a close fitting pair too – but I’m still working on finding my perfect pattern.

  4. I know that you can finish those last two socks. The neat part will be that when you finish those last two socks you will have two pairs of socks instead of just one.

  5. I love the 3-st garter edge! It really makes the heel look perfect. With such a gorgeous sock, I am sure you will be rushing to finish the 2nd one so that you can wear the pair!

  6. As usual – love the socks! They are looking great! I was just reading about you in your ‘about me’ section. I didn’t realize you homeschooled your girls! Good for you! I just finished homeschooling my baby. However, since both the kids graduated from high school, I think they have continued to take their learning to a higher level. So, I’m glad the one thing I was able to teach them was ‘how’ to learn. Get moving on those socks! You can do it!

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