Spring Green in the Summertime

The Adamas Shawl is finished after one long knitting day.  I had intended on getting many other things done yesterday but with the ‘one more row, one more row…’ mantra echoing in my ears I just couldn’t put the shawl down.  The final rows each had 399 stitches so it was slow going at the end.

Pattern – Adamas by Miriam Felton

Yarn – Shadow by KnitPicks

Color – Spring Green Heather

This straightforward pattern was well-written and the pattern was intuitive after a few repeats.  I continue to adore my Addi Lace Turbos and this shawl was knit on size 5’s.

And no matter how old one gets, what girl can ever resist twirling with a shawl?  A shawl is kind of like wearing a big circular skirt or a ballet tutu and brings out the girlishness in us all, right?


17 thoughts on “Spring Green in the Summertime

  1. Your shawl is beautiful! I’ve had that pattern on my list for quite awhile and now that I see yours, I may just have to try to knit it. I even have the same yarn.(vbg)

  2. The shawl is gorgeous of course – but this time around it is the photos that I love the most!! The background makes me homesick for Woodland Park and the last 4 of you are so much fun – great post!

  3. The shawl, the color, it’s so worth flaunting. So many shawls, so much wool, and so little time. I keep asking myself how many new shawls I really need at my age. That’s not the same as”How many shawls do I want?”

  4. The shawl is gorgeous & you have taken some wonderful shots. I do find shawl knitting addictive like the one (milkweed) that I am knitting now & can’t put it down.

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